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about 150 pounds daily. from fish to seals to dead animals such as crab, fish, shrimp and whales

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Are the great white sharks at the bottom of the ocean food chain?

No. Great white sharks are apex predators, on top of their food chain.

How do Great White White Sharks get their food?

They eat it

How do great white sharks there there food?

they hunt

How do great white sharks get energy?

Great white sharks get energy from digesting the food they have eaten, usually fish and other animals.

How does great white shark get its food?

Great white sharks hunt their own food. Great white shark with his victims in a manner calculated to be very focused and they hunt.

How great white sharks find there food?

The Great White Shark finds its food by snifing out there prey to find the one they want.

What do great white sharks hate?

Great white sharks probably hate orca's or killer whales because they would compete for food and occasionaly prey on them.

What does a great white sharks eggs look like?

great white sharks are live bearers not egg layers. this gives them the edge in the competition for food when they are youngsters

How does a great white shark survive?

like any other living organism, a great white needs food, water, and oxygen. great white sharks favorite known food is seals, dolphins, small whales and even smaller sharks.

What are the steps in the Great White Sharks food chain?

the great white shark is second from all sea creatures

Why do great white sharks attack boats?

because they think your food.(:

How do they hunt their food?

The Great White Sharks sneak up to them and chomp them.

What are the types of food eaten by great white sharks?

fish, and seals.

What do great white sharks need to survive?

oxgen water food

How far do great white sharks move in one day?

great white sharks move 1 to 2 miles in every 5 days in seach of food.

What eats great white sharks?

Orcas are sometimes found with great whites in their stomachs and mature great whites will eat the baby ones.Great white sharks are final predators, at the top of their food chain. Only man preys on great white sharks.Orcas have been found with great white up their stomachs.

Do great white sharks eat sea turtles?

Sharks will try to eat anything they think is potential food.

Where do Great White Sharks search for food?

they search for anything from a fish to whales

Why do great white sharks swim so close to shore?

It's where the food is!

What is great white sharks main food source?

seals and sea lions

What do great white sharks eat not their diet food?

They Eat People & Fishiess!

Who eats the great white shark?

Larger great white sharks eat great white sharks, although it is rare for any animals to resort to cannibalism. Typically, the great white shark remains at the top of the food chain unless disrupted by human presence.

Do great white sharks eat meat?

yes great white sharks do eat meat because as soon as they smell blood and its a person they go strait for it because its food 2.

Does a great white shark have a predator?

Besides humans Great White sharks are at the top of the food chain and they are called apex predators.

What eats mako sharks?

Supposedly they are at the top of the food chain, but I'd think some bigger sharks like Great Whites would eat them.

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