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94 pounds or 42. 72 kgs

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Q: How many pounds of portland cement in 1 cubic foot?
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What does portland cement weigh per cubic foot?

Using a density of 3150 kilgrams per cubic metre = 196.65 pounds per cubic foot.

How many kilos in 1 bag of portland cement?

42.7kg, or 94 pounds. BTW, a bag of portland cement contains one cubic foot of the product.

Weight of portland cement per cubic foot?

Type 1 Portland Cement weighs 196.56 lbs

How much does 1 cubic foot of portland cement weigh?

94 lbs

How much does portland cement weigh per cubic foot?

94 LBS

How much does 9 cubic yards of cement weigh?

Answer #1:9 cubic yards cement weight nearly 1260 lbs=============================Answer #2:Answer #1 is a very intriguing one. It says that 9 cubic yards (9 x 27 cubic feet)of cement weighs nearly 1,260 pounds. If so, then each cubic foot would weighnearly 5.2 pounds, which corresponds to nearly 8.3% of the density of water.So cement would float quite high in water. Mysteriously, it doesn't.I found one online conversion reference that says that1 cubic foot of Portland cement weighs 94.02 pounds.(94.02 pounds/cubic foot) x (9 cubic yards) x (27 cubic foot/cubic yard) = 22,847 pounds(rounded)Somehow, that sounds more like it.Also, if the question actually meant 'concrete, limestone with Portland cement"instead of 'cement', then the weight is nearly 60% greater than that.

How many lbs are in a cubic foot?

A cubic foot of what? A cubic foot of feathers is much less than a cubic foot of lead. A cubic foot of water weighs 62.4 lbs per cubic foot. Portland cement weighs 94 lbs per cubic foot.

What is the Volume of cement in a 94 pound bag of portland cement?

1 94-pound bag of cement is approximately equal to 1 cubic foot.

What is the weight of 8 x 8 x 12 cement block?

Cement weighs about 150 punds per cubic foot, and there are 1728 cubic inches in a cubic foot, so if the block is solid then it weighs 150x8x8x12/1728 = 67 pounds

How many pounds of cement do you need to fill 1 yard?

Assuming you wish to used bagged 'pre-mixed' concrete, the industry standard is 1/2 cubic foot yield from a 60 pound bag. Keep in mind that the true weight will vary due to such things as sand/portland/aggregate ratios. But for a simple answer, you will be close with 3240 pounds. 60 pounds per 1/2 cubic foot, = 120 pounds for each cubic foot. 27 cubic ft. per yard 120 X 27 = 3240

How many cubic feet in a bag of cement?

There are 2/3 cubic foot in a 80 pound bag of cement.

What is the weight of 1 cubic foot of water in pounds?

62.4 pounds per cubic foot

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