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The Toro Power Shovel can clear a massive three hundred pounds of snow off of your porch every minute. That's the equivalent of one whole person every thirty seconds!


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move all dirt with a shovel.

There is a snow shovel on Whirley Street (far right) and it is the only reason to go there. Use the shovel to clear Gramma's driveway (far left).

Go to Gramma's house and go inside. She'll tell you she'll help you find Manny if you shovel her driveway. Go outside and look in your inventory and click "use" on the shovel. Then clear off all the snow before you get too cold

gregs gramma after you clear her drive way with the shovel where you can get from whirly street.

the Shovel is given to Link by Holly, who lives near Snake's Remains. She "hires" Link to clear the snow blocking the way to her house after he enters the house via the chimney during winter.

You could do estimates using a formula used to calculate the horse power for a pump pumping clear water. The formula is (GPM * HEAD) / (3960 * EFFICIENCY). To convert pressure to head multiply pressure by 2.31. The 3960 value is a constant used to convert pounds of water to minute to 1-horsepower or 33,000 pounds per minute. An example is: (40 gallons per minute * 12 psi * 2.31) / (3960 * .3) = 0.933 horsepower using 30% efficiency. 0.933 horsepower * 0.746 = 0.696 kilowatts per hour At $0.05 per kilowatt-hour the value would be $0.0348 per hour. This would be my rough estimate but as you can see a change in efficiency or amount per kilowatt hour changes the answer considerably. Hope this give you some ideas. DNC

£50.... you didn't make yourself very clear here but 50 in pounds would be £50. fifty pounds...

Go to the far right of the island (Whirley Street) which is past the school and past Leisure Towers. The kids there will pelt you with snowballs. Dodge their snowballs until you can get the shovel. Then go back to the left because there's nothing behind them. You will use the shovel at Gramma's house on South Main Street (far left of island) to clear the snow off her driveway.

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Just clear the snow off after it snows but don't use a shovel it might rip it. Trampolines are rust-proff so no worries

A shovel and a pickaxe probably. For the sand and rock. And maybe. A brush. To clear sand or dust from delicate things

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it is a high power camera but faster and more clear

you copy your opponetsThat is only for clear bakugan, Brawler,If it is not clear and has no g's, it either always wins, is fake, or has over 700 g's.

The power to prevent harmful speech against the government

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