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About 40.5 pounds to 50.5 pounds if that skinny

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How much does a dachsund weigh?

A healthy standard dachshund should weigh sixteen to thirty-two pounds. The miniture dachshund should weigh nine to eleven pounds.

How much should a 15 year old girl who is 5' 4 weigh in order to be skinny?

to be skinny, you should weigh anywhere from 110-115 pounds.

How much should you weigh if your 4 foot 7 inches?

you should weigh about 70 - 78lbs i am eleven and i weigh 75 pounds but if your twelve you should weigh about 80 - 85lbs.

How much should a five foot eleven sixteen year old girl weigh?

at 5ft she should weigh 105 pounds add 5 pounds for every inch

How much should a fifth grade boy weigh?

A skinny fifth grade boy should weigh about 65-80 pounds A standard sized fifth grade boy should weigh about 81-95 pounds A chubby fifth grade boy should weigh about 96-105 pounds

How much should a 4'9 11-year old girl weigh?

i am 11 and 4 feet 10 inches. I weigh 78 pounds and i am not freakishly skinny. You should weigh from 75-90 pounds

How much should you weigh if you are 5 feet tall?

you should between 75 and 90 pounds that is if you are not to skinny or fat

I am 5'2 foot i am eleven year old and how much should i weigh?

im eleven and 5'2 too! im 97 pounds... is this normal?

Im 12 and weigh 100 pounds and skinny how?

normally you should just be 20 lbs. more

How much should you wiegh?

if you are eleven you should weigh about 110 pounds well i think you should wiegh 800 just kidding around 80 and 90. I think you if you are 10 you should weigh about 60 to 100 pounds no less or more

I am 4'7 how much should i weigh and i am a girl?

you should probably weigh 70-80 pounds it depens on your height i am exactly like you i weigh 56 cause im to skinny. you DON'T wanna be like me.

How much should a boy weigh at eleven?

A boy at eleven should, the lowest, weigh 65 lb. The most, 100 lb.

How much dos an average eleven year old boy weigh?

it depends on how tall you are or how big you are but it should be about 86 pounds

How much should 4ft 6in eleven year old boy weigh?

Any were from about 90 to 110 pounds. Maybe.

How much should a 12 year old boy weigh at 62 inches?

Im12 and weigh 99 pounds inane know idea if that's to skinny or to fat

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