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There are four power stations in South Africa

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Why is coal so important in south Africa?

Coal is used for fuel in many power stations in almost every city. Therefore making it an extremely inportant resource in Sout Africa.

How many mobile phone base stations in Africa?

There are 175000 base stations in Africa

How many power stations are there in Singapore?

there are 100 power stations but there is 6 power station in singapore!

How many hydroelectric power stations are there in Britain?

There are hundreds of hydroelectric power stations in England.

Why does china have so many power stations?

China has many power stations because,It is a rather large countryandThere are SO many people living there that a few power stations won't supply enough power to the whole country!!!Hope this helps

How many Hydro Power Stations are in New Zealand?

there are 54 hydro power stations in new zealand

How many countries are in South Africa?

South Africa has no countries

How many countries in south africa?

South Africa IS a country

Where is the plateau of South Africa?

There are many plateaus in South Africa

How many continents are in South Africa?

There are NO continents in South Africa. South Africa is one of the nations on the African continent.

How many continents does South Africa have?

South Africa does not have any continents

How many psychiatrists are there in south Africa?

2,222,222,222,228,595,652 psychiatrists are in South Africa.

How many cities are having nuclear power stations in India?

India has 19 nuclear power stations all together.

Does South Africa export products to Africa?

South Africa is in Africa. It exports products to many other countries in Africa.

How many nations in South Africa?

One."South Africa" is short for the Republic of South Africa - it's one country.

How many medals does South Africa have?

how many medels does africa have

Should nuclear power stations be built?

NO, nuclear power stations should not be built because if it leaks, many people can die

How many countries are on the continent of South Africa?

South Africa is a country not a continent

How many athletes are in the Olympics for South Africa?

there are .... 20 athlete in south africa

How many people in South Africa?

the population of South Africa is 49,320,000 people

How many rivers are in South Africa?

There are 52 rivers in south africa.

How many flags does South Africa have?

South Africa has one official flag.

How many rhinoceroses are in South Africa?

south Africa has about 3,000 or less rhinos

How many power stations does oil fuel in the uk?

less than 50 commercial power stations of more than 1 MW.

Which resources do coal power stations use?

Coal power stations use many different resources as a steam kettle, electrity and turbines.

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