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How many pregnancies can a cat have?

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How many pregnancies can a cat have in a lifetime?

A female cat can have up to 2 thousand kittens in 5 years

What is the length of cat pregnancies?

The regular gestation period is 58-65 days (9 months) depending on how many kittens the cat is expecting.

Is second cat pregnancy different from the first?

Second cat pregnancies are easier for the cat than the first.

How long are dog and cat pregnancies?

62 days

Can a cat get a person pregnant?

No, there are no inter-species pregnancies.

How many litters of kittens can a cat have?

There is no limit to the number of litters a cat can have. However, numerous pregnancies will really wear Mama Cat down, so please spay, for her sake.

Can cat pregnancies only produce one kitten?

They lay eggs.

How many pregnancies can a cat have in its lifetime?

10 to 13 at the max oh and my cat Rajah is giving her first litter of kitten's and she is 27 day's in to her Pregnancies L0L I'm going to barf if i see it lol and the nipple's get red and swell up at the end of the pregnancies or pregnancie ha ha idk i can stop thanking about her lol lol and if you need anything email me at

How many pregnancies could a labrador retriever have?

My lab had around 6 pregnancies.

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How many pregnancies can a tabby go through?

A tabby cat can go through one pregnancy after another so it is better to get them spayed so they cant have babies.

How many teen pregnancies in 2007?

There's around 750 000 teen pregnancies a year.

How many pregnancies are ectopic?

More than 1% of pregnancies are ectopic, and they are becoming more common

How long is a cat pregnant before giving birth?

Cat's pregnancies last around 9 weeks.

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How much time is a cat pregnant?

Domestic cat pregnancies have a gestation period anywhere from 57 to 69 days. But, the accepted average used to work out when a cat is due to give birth is 63-65 days.

What is the average of teenage pregnancies per year?

to many

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I say 1

How many teen pregnancies are there each year?

About 750 000.

How many pregnancies can a guinea pig have in a lifetime?

2 i think

How many trimesters are there in pregnancies?

three, hints the word-tri

How many weeks in pregnancies?

On average there are about 38 weeks of pregnancy.

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