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Well, there is woodwind, brass, percussion and strings.

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What instruments are in a concerto?

Violin cello and a piano Actually, a concerto can be for almost any solo instrument and orchestra. The commonest are those for piano & orchestra, violin & orchestra, and cello & orchestra.

What instruments did Ludwig van Beethoven compose for?

All those in an orchestra, and even the piano.

What would the orchestra be in a rock opera?

Depending on the instruments that the composer wrote the score to include, those would be the instruments included in a rock opera orchestra. For example, The Who's Tommy, known as a rock opera, played on Broadway in New York. The orchestras on Broadway are usually made up of the four major instrument groups including woodwinds, brass, percussion and strings. You can determine the exact makeup of any orchestra required to support a rock opera by looking at its score.

How many years has the orchestra been around for?

The Orchestra first appears in ancient Egypt where groups of musicians gathered and played - the Romans discouraged the practice and following the fall of the Roman Empire the "orchestras" started to reappear once more. In the 11th century we saw more ranges of similar instruments appear where they varied in size and the octave they played in. The modern orchestras began in the late sixteenth century when composers were writing music for instrumental groups. The instruments used were not those found today in the orchestra. Flutes, oboes, horns, and trumpets became part of the typical orchestra by the early eighteenth century. A typical classical orchestra also included clarinets, bassoons, violins, violas, cellos, basses, and timpani.

Which color is not considered a primary color?

There are two possible sets of primary colors:red, green, bluemagenta, yellow, cyanAny color not in one of those groups is not a primary color.

What is the primary claim by those who oppose hate crime legislation?

The primary claim by those who oppose hate crime legislation is that it only protects certain groups of people. Some claim that special protection is given to only those who have a certain status.

What are the native and modern musical instruments?

the native musical instruments are those were made by your ancestors and the modern musical instruments are those instruments that we us now.

Why isn't the saxophone in the symphony orchestra?

Because the saxophone was invented after the Symphony Orchestra. The sax is incorporated into some songs for Symphony orchestra because those pieces are quite modern. I guess symphony orchestras don't like saxophones because it drowns out other instruments because it is such a loud woodwind. But, of course, the saxophone is great in jazz bands and modern pieces.

What are the types of instruments?

There are many different types of instruments: strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, etc. However there are variations of those, so please specify if this would be marching band, rock band, concert band, orchestra, etc.StringsPercussionBrassWind

What is primary sampling?

Primary sampling is a research method used by various companies for many different reasons. The primary sampling unit arises in sampling surveys where population elements are grouped, and those groups becomes units in the sample selection.

Which Primary major muscle groups used in the bench press?

Primary muscle groups would be your pectorals. Others include shoulders and triceps. If you're doing it correctly, you're also isometrically contracting muscles such as those in your neck, your traps, and many in your lower body to stabilize.

How would you unscramble this treachors?

Those letters spell orchestra.

Does band use flats more than orchestra?

Yes. Many band instruments are tuned to B-flat or E-flat, so playing in those or related keys is much easier than sharp keys.

Is an oboe a member of the woodwind group?

AnswerYes, it is. It uses a reed in the mouth piece, that makes it a woodwind. The woodwinds are divided into to major groups, one is flutes and whistles, and the others are instruments with reeds. The instruments with reeds are further divided between those with a single reed, which includes clarinets and saxophones, and those with two, which includes oboes and bassoons.

How many sections in orchestra?

The modern symphony orchestra consists of four main sections: strings, woodwind, brass and percussion. The strings section is the largest one, comprising violins, violas, cellos and double basses. The woodwind section comprises flutes, oboes, clarinets and and bassoons (and possibly some additional instruments like English horn, oboe d'amore, saxophone or basset horn). The brass section includes French horns, trumpets, trombones and tubas (and also possibly a cornet in a large orchestra or, very rarely, a euphonium). The percussion section has a great variety of instruments. The most common would probably be timpani, snare drums, bells, cymbals, glockenspiel, triangle and tambourine. There are also some additional instruments that can be included in a large orchestra like harp, celesta, piano or organ. Those instruments do not belong to any particular section.

Difference bw precision instruments and non precision instruments?

Precision instruments are those instruments which measures very accurately while non precision instruments are used for normal measuring of quantity.

What is orchesta's biggest brass instrument?

The tuba is the biggest brass instrument used in a symphony orchestra. (There are some very rare special pieces of music where a composer might call for an instrument that is not normally in an orchestra. For example, there is a family of brass instruments called ophicleides that were used in the 1800's, and those came in many sizes, including ones as big as the tuba.)

What are the different old Filipino instruments?

as i know the kali is one of those old filipino instruments

Does the lion live alone or in groups?

They live in groups. Those groups are called "Prides"

What are all the different types of karate?

There are too many to name. There are three primary country divisions, Okinawan, Japanese and Korean. Within those there are dozens, if not hundreds of smaller groups.

Which of these instruments is not a member of the tuba family of brass instruments bugle euphonium and sousaphone?

Those are all brass instruments, but only the bugle is not from the tuba family.

What is the difference between private and public-interest groups?

Private interest groups are those with personal stakes on an issue. Public interest groups are those groups that advance the concerns of the public at large.

When a species is made up of different smaller groups each of those smaller groups is known as a .?

When a species is made up of different smaller groups each of those smaller groups is known as a subspecies .

What kind of social groups do geographers study?

Geographers study a variety of social groups. Some study those who live in urban areas. Other groups studied include different cultures and where they live, and those from different economic groups.

What is similaries and differences between primary and secondary legislation?

1. The relationship between primary and secondary legislation is as follows; Primary legislation is laws passed by the UK's legislative and secondary legislation are those of which are delegated and made by personal under the authority within primary legislation. Primary and secondary legislation can be seen in Act of Parliament therefore they are statutory instruments. The law could be altered as the Act would give requirement for delegated legislation.

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