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in the united staes camps about 110 but in prison war 750 inmates that were Japanese

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Q: How many prisoners of war died in Japanese camps in World War 2?
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Thousands of allied prisoners of war died on march to Japanese prison camps?

Yes tousands did in horrible conditions.

How many prisoners died in POW camps during World War 2?

There were about 600 camps in the us approximately 300,000 people in the camp. In Europe there were about 1000 camps and about 990,000 people in camps.

What did prisoners do in prison camps during civil war?


Compare and contrast prison camps and concentration camps during World War 2?

In the Pacific theater, the Japanese military outlook provided no mercy for Allied soldiers that surrendered. The Japanese believed in fighting to the death. Because of this, Japanese prison camps were essentially concentration camps. Allied prisoners died in the thousands from disease, overwork, and malnourishment. However in Europe, they were distinct. Concentration camps housed those deemed unfit, or in some way non-Aryan. People were put there not because they were soldiers, but because they were civilians. Allied prisoners of war in Europe generally received better treatment, and were not put to death on the scale of those in concentration camps.

How much food did the people in the concentration camps feed the prisoners?

hardly any, many prisoners died of starvation

How long were prisoners forced to workin concentration camps?

Until they died or freed.

When Hitler died did they stop Concentration Camps?

well yes and no.Concentration camps stopped before Hitler died, 2 prisoners escaped from Aushcwitz and told the Jewish citizens about the camps.

What did Japanese die of in the Concentration camps in World War 2?

The US camps for interned personnel (mostly but not all Japanese) lacked proper sanitation and medical facilities. They may have died from diseases which could have been cured outside the camps.

How many Japanese-Canadians died in internment camps during World War 2?

Exactly the same number as Mexican-Japanese.

How did the Geneva Convention treat prisoners of Japanese war?

The terms of the Geneva Convention were ignored by the Japanese who made up rules and inflicted punishments at the whim of the Camp Commandant. There were more than 140,000 white prisoners in Japanese prisoner of war camps. Of these, one in three died from starvation, work and punishments or from diseases for which there were no medicines to treat.

What happens to prisoners who are not fit to work in the concentration camps?

They were sent to the gas chambers and died.

In the civil war how many people from Iowa died as a prisoner of war?

Most of the prisoners were eventually let go but about 6,500 prisoners died in Iowa Prsions and camps

How many Japanese people were killed in World War 2?

first answer: 2,620,000 to 3,120,000 Japanese people were killed in World War 2. Most people were killed by being dragged off to war, and over 110,000 Japanese people died in American concentration camps even though they were American citizens. second answer: Japanese were not killed in American camps. While in the camps, the Japanese were well taken care of and not abused.

How long were Japanese in concentration camps?

Until they died or escaped.

What were Adolf Hitler's incinerators?

They were the crematoriums it the concentration camps. When the prisoners died the bodies were burned in a crematorium.

How many soviet prisoners of war died in the Nazi concentration and death camps?

3 million

Did all German Concentration Camps have gas chambers?

No.Concentration camps were large camps where Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, Slavs, and political prisoners were held. Those that died did so of either natural causes or being shot.Death camps were like concentration camps but they were the ones which had gas chambers.Many concentration camps had small gas chambers to kill prisoners who had become 'useless'. For example, Stutthof had such a gas chamber and an estimated 1,100 prisoners were killed there.

What were different way concentration camps killed prisoners?

Prisoners of the concentration camps and extermination camps were killed by starvation, disease, being shot, being gassed to death, and subjected to medical experiments that often killed them. Some never made it to the camps because they died on the way to the camps from exposure, hangings, shootings, disease, starvation, dehydration, or being knifed.

What is the difference between the Holocaust and prisoners of war?

Prisoners of war were combatants, the victims of the Holocaust were not, the lines blur when talking about Soviet prisoners of war as they were treated (almost) as badly as the victims of the Holocaust. To amplify somewhat: If an American soldier was a German prisoner of war - and the Germans were not known for great hospitality when it came to their American prisoners of war - they still had a 95 to 98% chance of surviving POW camp. A concentration camp inmate had, at best, a 10-12% chance of surviving. In Japanese prisoner of war camps, it was a different story. In the worst camps, 70% of American troops imprisoned by the Japanese died.

What did Hitler do in the concentration camps?

In concentration camps, the prisoners usually died due to maltreatment, disease, starvation, and overwork. Many died in rail freight cars before even reaching the camp.

What proportion of the of the population of japanese-americans died in us concentration camps?

Zero. There was no policy or desire to kill the Japanese-Americans. I'm sure there were some deaths due to natural causes, which it could be argued were attributable to camp conditions or to the stress of being uprooted, but it might just as easily be argued that those people would have died anyway if they were still at home. The camps for the Japanese-Americans were nothing like the camps the Japanese ran for prisoners of war or interned civilians who fell into their hands, in which tens of thousands died, and bore no resemblance to the German death camps. Calling them "concentration camps" became fashionable during the Vietnam era, by those with an anti-government bias, because it carries the sinister implication that they operated on the same plan as the German death camps. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

What was the crematory in the camp during the holocaust?

They were buildings in the camps were prisoners who had died were burned to ashes. Some of the camps, such as Auschwitz-Birkenau, contained a gas chamber in the same building.

Are Japanese internment camps always bad?

During World War II, virtually all Japanese internment camps were terrible places. A telling statistic is this: Of all American soldiers in German POW camps, the percentage that died was just slightly above the normal death rate expected for that time period. - between 1% and 1 1/2%.The death rate for Americans in Japanese POW camps was a staggering 35%.

How were Americans in Japan treated during World War 2?

All europeans in Japanese controlled areas were arrested and held in prison camps for the duration of the war. Many died of disease, abuse and neglect in these camps.

Did the prisoners in those concentration camps starve to death because the allies cut off the food supply to Germany?

No..... No..... The people who died in the concentration camps died because it was the intention of the Nazis that the people who were sent to the concentration camps were to die. They starved because those that imprisoned them did not feed them.