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Currently, Intel sells approximately 700 million processors in a year (2014). Intel expects to sell a billion processors in all device markets every year within a projected period of five years.

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Q: How many processors does Intel sell in a year?
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How many processors does Microchip sell in a year?

In 2011, Microchip said it makes more than a billion processors every year.

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Is Intel and amd the only processor in the computer industry?

AMD and Intel are just the 2 biggest players on the CPU market. There are others, such as VIA. VIA- Intel, AMD and VIA are about the only CPU manufacurers you will see in domestic computers now. PowerPC used to be another, but Apple moved from PowerPC CPUs to Intel starting in 2006, and since then PowerPC is virtually never heard of in home computing, at least by people who have never heard of the Xbox 360. (however they are involved in other CPU uses, e.g. the Vehicle-Management Computer for the F-35 fighter jet) Intel and AMD put together produce less than 1/4 of all the 32 bit processors sold each year. 32 bit processors themselves make up less than 1/10 of all processors sold each year.

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