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The Comcast DVR can hold about 400 hours of SD programming.

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Q: How many programs can be stored on the Comcast DVR w/ Tivo DVR?
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Is the comcast hd dvr reliable?

The Comcast HD DVR to some is not reliable, many have switched services or started using Tivo, which has been around for a lot longer and is the best.

Does Tivo TCD652160 HD DVR come only with an hour limit or does it also have a limit as to how many shows you can record on it?

It has a stored memory,not on time just on space available.

How many channels does tivo have?

Top secret!

What are the features included with TiVo desktop?

TiVo desktop is a downloadable program on the TiVo official website, which offers many features, allowing the user to personalize their own desktop. Many of which includes distributing users music and images.

Where can you purchase a TIVO DVR?

There are many places to purchase a TIVO DVR. Best Buy is among the top rated electronic stores and should have a TIVO DVR as well as other things you may need.

What features does the DVR TiVo have?

The DVR Tivo has evolved quickly with so many options and features. Some of the favorite being pausing live television and the Season Pass. Other features making this a household staple item are the recording of several programs at once and playback in several rooms at the same time. This multi-room streaming is giving Tivo the edge in electronic purchases for people with larger families.

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Can you use TiVo with your home computer or network?

Yes, there are many benefits of hooking your TiVo DVR with your home computer or with your home network. However, to use your TiVo DVR with your home network, you�ll need to purchase a network adapter and have the TiVo Series2 DVR.The benefits of using TiVo with your home computer are:You don't have to keep your TiVo DVR connected to a phone line. The TiVo DVR connects to the TiVo service every 24 to 48 hours to download your program information. To avoid the TiVO DVR tying up your phone line, you can add your DVR to your wireless or wired network through a broadband connection. Your TiVo DVR will be able to download your program listings through your broadband connection (which is "always on") and won't have to periodically tie up your phone line.You can transfer files and music from your PC to your TiVo DVR. You can organize and view your digital photos from your TiVo menu or listen to your favorite MP3 files. TiVo Desktop is required to publish photo and music files from your computer to your TiVo DVR.Schedule your TiVo DVR to record your favorite shows from the Internet. Use TiVo Central Online to schedule the recordings of your favorite shows. You�ll create an account online and sign in to any browser and send a schedule request to your TiVo DVR. The next time your TiVo DVR connects to your TiVo service, it will schedule the request. Note: If your TiVo DVR connects to TiVo service using a phone line, it can take up to 36 hours; a broadband connection, however, sends requests every hour.can you network a Series 1 tivo unit to you home network??

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Where can one see a commercial for Comcast online?

There are many Comcast commercials available for viewing online. Some sites where you can view Comcast commercials are YouTube, the Comcast website, and Stereo Gum.

How many Comcast locations are there in Texas?

Comcast has many locations nationwide. One can pay their bill, change their service, or get questions answered at any of the service locations. One should visit Comcast's website to find their nearest location.

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