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Since Boron's atomic number is 5, it has 5 protons and 5 electrons. The standard boron atom has 6 neutrons in it.

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Is boron protons electrons or neutrons?

Boron is an atom or element, and it contains protons, electrons, and neutrons.

What element has 5 electrons 5 protons and 6 neutrons?

Boron has 5 protons and electrons. Boron-11 would be the isotope that has 6 neutrons.

Protons neutrons electrons in boron?

Boron 10: 5 protons, 5 neutrons, 5 electrons Boron 11: 5 protons, 6 neutrons, 5 electrons

How many protons electrons and neutrons in boron?

In a single Boron atom there are 5 protons, 5 electrons and 6 neutrons.

Which element has 5 protons 6 neutrons and 8 electrons?

The isotope boron-11 has 5 protons and 6 neutrons, but also 5 electrons not 8.

What Element on the periodic table has 5 neutrons?

It should be Boron, but the neutrons in it can vary. However, the electrons and protons in an element are always constant.

What element has 5 protons 6 neutrons 5 electrons?

Boron has 5 protons and electrons and 6 neutrons. The symbol for Boron is B and its atomic number is 5.

What is the identity of an element with 5 protons 7 neutrons and 5 electrons?

Five protons makes this the element boron. The number of protons is the atomic number, and determines the identity of an element. This example would be the boron-12 isotope because it contains 5 protons and 7 neutrons.

What element has 5 protons and 5 electrons and 4 neutrons?

Any atom with 5 protons is Boron, and a neutral (no net electrical charge) boron atom will also have 5 electrons. A Boron atom with 4 neutrons is Boron-9, a highly unstable isotope.

How many protons neutrons and electrons in B?

I think that's B, the symbol for the element boron. Boron has 5 protons and 5 electrons. The most common isotope has 6 neutrons. The other main isotope has only 5 neutrons.

How many protons neutons and electrons are in boron?

Boron has 5 protons and 5 electrons Boron has two stable isotopes, one with 5 neutrons and 6 neutrons.

What is the mass numberfor an atom with 5 electrons 5 protons and 5 neutrons?

It is the boron element. It contains similar numbers of electrons and protons.

The element boron how many protons and neutrons does it have?

Boron has 5 neutrons and 5 protons for its most common isotope

What element has 5 protons and 6 electrons?

Any atom with 5 protons is boron, regardless of the number of neutrons. This would specifically be the isotope boron-11.

How is boron different then the materials found in it?

Boron is an element. No materials are found in it. Unless you count protons neutrons and electrons, but they aren't really materials.

What element has 5 protonsand 5 electrons and 5 neutrons?

Boron Boron BoronBoron's atomic number is 5, meaning 5 protons and 5 electrons.Boron's Relative Atomic Mass is approximately 10.8To find neutrons, you subtract the atomic number from the atomic mass.10.8 - 5 = 5.8 (or 5)Boron has 5 protons, 5 electrons and 5.8 neutrons

What element has 5 protons?

Boron has 5 protons and electrons

What is the number of Protons neutrons and electrons in 'subscript 5 superscript 13 C 4-'?

That seems to be an invalid notation. The subscript refers to the number of protons (5=Boron), but 'C' refers to the element (Carbon). Ignoring the 'C', Protons: 5 (Boron) Neutrons: 13-5= 8 Neutrons Electrons: 4+5= 9 Electrons

How may protons neutrons and electrons does Boron have?

There are two isotopes of boron: boron-10 and boron-11 Both have 5 protons and 5 electrons per atomBoron-10 has 5 neutrons and boron-11 has 6 neutronsOverall this gives an atomic weight of 10.8 gmol-1

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