How many pupils learn french in non french speaking countries?

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Nobody can give you an exact number but 85% of all French speaking people are not French.
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Why do so many countries speak French?

So many placed speak French because they were colonized by the French, at times through an act of war with the country, and they took it by force.. 28 these are: Belgium,

How many French-speaking countries are there?

About 36 total countries speak French in some capacity, 28 officially. If you want a full list, try looking for "French language" on Wikipedia. Most of the countries are in Af

Do French pupils learn English as you learn French?

In the French province of Québec in Canada, English is taught from a very young age in school. I graduated from HS in 2004 and I was taught English starting in the 3rd grad

Why are there so many French speaking countries?

Because the French colonised many countries in the 1700s through late 1800s. The same can be said of other countries and their languages. English, Spanish and Portuguese are g

How many different countries speak french?

53 countries have significant French-speaking populations but the language is only official in about 40 of them. Notable countries that speak French besides France are Belgium

How many countries speak German and French?

Switzerland and Luxembourg are countries where both languages are spoken. Farthest east belgium is also German speaking (smaller community). The capital of belgium, witch is b
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Why are their so many countries that speak french?

Because France had many colonies in the 18th and 19th century, and the first thing is when you colonize a country, is to teach your language to the people and children that ar
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What are all the non African french speaking countries?

Quebec in Canada, some islands in the Carribeans (Haiti), France and French Guyana, Monaco, Belgium, Switzerland, Andorra, Polynesia Then you have a lots of countries with a
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How many countries speak French and what are the countries?

Many countries have a large French-speaking population, with 29 countries claiming French as an official language, and 7 more countries that commonly use French as a second la
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How many countries in ecowas speaks french?

Below are the eight francophone members of ECOWAS. Benin Burkina Faso Guinea Ivory Coast Mali Niger Senegal Togo