How many puranas are there?

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There are 18 main Puranas (excluding upa-Puranas).

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Q: How many puranas are there?
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How many number of puranas are?

18 Puranas and 18 sub sets (Upa Puranas)

How many Puranas and upanishaths are there?

18 puranas 1,180 upanishaths

How many puranas?

There are many Puranas and there are even new ones being created to this day. However, there are about 19 main ones about to the main Hindu deities like Agni, Vayu, Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma. The Bhagavad Purana is about Krishna. There are also Puranas about Vishnu's avatars (like the Matsya Purana).

How many upanishads and Puranas are in INDIA?

There are 18 Puranas & 11 main Upanishads , but there are more smaller Upanishads which are 108 in number . Some also say that they are more Than 200 . :/

What is Ramadana Puranas Vedas and Mahabharata?

Mahabharata & Ramayan are epic poems of Hinduism. While puranas are description of Vedas.

Which book do the Puranas help explain?

The Puranas are a collection of Hindu scriptures which glorify particular deities by listing their special qualities and supernatural feats. In some instances it is suggested that the Puranas were created to provide support for the Vedas.

Who was created by Vishnu and Shiva?

Both Brahma and Shiva were created by Vishnu - according to many Vedas/Puranas

How many holy books?

there are 6 holy books they are the vedas the upanisads the smrutis the ramayana the mahabharata annd the puranas

What name is mentioned for India in the vedic Puranas?


Hinduism holy books?

Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas

What planet is about 110 of the distance Puranas is from the sun?

I am not aware of any astronomical object called "Puranas". Perhaps you may want to check the spelling, or otherwise clarify what you are talking about.

What was the Hindu sacred text?

4 Vedas Mahabharata Ramayan and Puranas. Apart from that many Aryans Scriptures and Sacred Texts are there.

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