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I done know if you have already removed the transmission pan from the car or not. Typically, you drain all the oil out into a large (very large) container/pan. Once you start taking the bolts off that hold the pan, you will get even more fluid coming out (very messy). Take what fluid you finally get out of the transmission and measure it. It may be 4-5 quarts +/-.. That's how you really know.. Remember, the actual transmission itself holds about 10-12 quarts total but the majority is in the Torgue Converter. If you want to remove ALL, you really need to go to a transmission shop where they basically either use the transmission pump to drain the oil while using the other end of the intake line to "pick up" fresh fluid..or their own pump/drain machine.. Hope it helps

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Q: How many quarts of fluid are required to refill the transmission of a 1996 Nissan Maxima GXE after changing the gasket and filter?
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