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A 2000 Hyundai Accent Takes 3.3 quarts of oil

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Q: How many quarts of oil do you need for a 97 Hyundai accent?
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How many ounces of freon does a Hyundai accent take?

how many amounf of frion (R 134) do i need to charge for hyundai accent 2006

What size speakers are in a 2002 Hyundai accent?

i need code cassette for Hyundai accent 2002 ..please

How many quarts of oil fill the 2002 Hyundai sonata 4 cylinder?

The owners manual for a 2002 Hyundai Sonata says that you need 4.4 quarts of oil. The oil pan capacity is 4.2 quarts and the oil filter itself holds .31 quarts.

What sort of oil does a Hyundai accent need?

There recommended oil for a Hyundai Accent is 5 W 30. The oil can be purchased at any auto parts store.

How do you replace a timing belt on a Hyundai accent 2001?

i need to know how to fix the timig belt on a 2001 hyundia accent?

How many quarts of SP III type fluid should be used?

We need to know what vehicle you have is it a Mitsubishi,Hyundai or KIA.

Will a 1999 Hyundai accent motor fit in a 2000 Hyundai accent?

yes it will, there are slight modifications with the sides that will need to take place, but it is nothing somone with a moderate back ground in car maitnence cant handle

How do you repair the signal lights for a 1998 Hyundai Accent?

you need to buy a signal lights relay

How do you change turn signal bulbs in a 1996 Hyundai Accent?

If your that stupid you don't need to be driving

How do you remove the dashboard in a 1996 Hyundai Excel Sprint?

I had the same problem with a Hyundai Accent 1996. You need to disconnect the speedometer inside the front hood.

Kind of transmission fluid 95 Hyundai accent?

SP-III This is the only fluid compatible with Hyundai/Kia and Mitsubishi transmissions. It is only available at their dealerships and will cost about $6 a quart. The good news is you only need 3-4 quarts to drain and refill the transmission which you should do about every 30k.

What type of automatic transmission fluid do you need for a 2003 Hyundai Accent?

SP 3 (it is the synthetic fluid)

What kind of fluid do you need to bleed clutch on 2000 Hyundai accent?

DOT 3 brake fluid.

What size socket is needed to remove spark plug on a 2002 Hyundai Accent?

You will need a 5/8 socket.

How many quarts i need to make 2quarts?

You need 2 quarts to make 2 quarts .

What size socket is needed to remove spark plug on a 97 Hyundai accent?

You'll need a 5/8" socket.

How many quarts of oil does a 545i need?

8.5 quarts

Could 15' rims fit 1995 Hyundai Accent?

yes. you need a 4x100 bolt and a 38 to 40mm offset.

How do reprogram the radio for Hyundai accent 2002 you do have the code thanks?

I have my code I need to know what to do with it so my radio will work the battery was removed.

How much transmission fluid does an automatic 2000 Hyundai Tiburon need?

If it's fully dry, it needs six quarts.

Do you need one bulb to replace head lamp for Hyundai accent 2003 low and high beam?

Yes, the 2003 Hyundai Accent takes a dual-beam headlight lamp for low beam and high beam. See sources and related links below for bulb information.

How many quarts of oil does the 1999 grand am need?

4.5 quarts

How many quarts of oil do you need for a 1990 Cadillac deVille?

You would as many quarts of oil as the same amount of cylinders you have If you have an 8 cylinder then you would need 8 quarts, if you have a 4 cylinder you would need 4 quarts of oil

Why does my Hyundai 2002 Accent need a diagnosis module for tank leakage?

Because that may be the least timely way to locate the source of the leak.

How many quarts oil 2003 gmc enboy need?

how many quarts oil 2003 gmc enboy slt need