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How many quarts of oil it does it take to refill a Toyota Celica?


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2011-09-13 02:49:14
2011-09-13 02:49:14

it takes 5 quarts. the same amount for any small engine car. be sure to remove and drain the filter during this process and to install a new one.

well that's a load of crap^^My 2002 Toyota Celica GT takes only 3.7 USQuarts.


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if its a 4 cylinder, 4 and a half quarts

You should use about 4.8. Ive heard that was the spec, and Ive always used a flat 5, so you will be fine with any amount around there.

5 Alexander G Medvedev Owner of Toyota Celica GT 2000 371Hp CEO m8Auto Import Club Anchorage Alaska

if this is a 1.8 engine its 3.9 with oil cooler and 3.7 w/o oil cooler

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4 quarts plus the filter. 4 quarts plus the filter.

4.8 quarts for GT-S 2ZZ-GE with filter change exactally....

It may vary by year, but generally they take about 13 quarts of oil.

When owning a car, a person should know the cars gas tank capacity. The 1992 Toyota Celica St holds 15.9 gallons of gas.

the previa holds 6.1 quarts of oil

7.4 Quarts Application: With automatic transmission Total refill (includes torque converter)

The Chevrolet Express 2008 needs 5 quarts of transmission fluid for a refill.

he 2005 Toyota Tacoma with the 2.7 liter engine takes 5.8 quarts of oil

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