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Probably 3-4 check level after 3 DO NOT OVERFILL


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Five on a filter change, or 12 when dry from an overhaul.

approx, 7 quarts to do transmission filter change!!

When you change the fluid and filter it will hold, 4.2 qts (3 speed trans.) 5.0 qts for a 4 speed.

Total transmission capacity is almost nine quarts. Required amount after filter change is around five quarts.

Assuming engine oil, 4 & 1/2 qts with filter change.

The 4.3L engine takes 4 1/2 Quarts with filter change.

Filter change usually requires 5-6 quartsDry fill is about 12 quarts.Filter change usually requires 5-6 quartsDry fill is about 12 quarts.

The fluid capacity, of your Allison transmission, is 28 quarts. The filter will take and additional pint. The manufacturer recommends that you do not over fill the transmission.

Filter change, about 5 quarts Dry fill, about 9 quarts.

For a oil change including spin on filter between 16 and 20 quarts.

The owners manual lists 5.7 quarts with oil/filter change for the 2.7 liter but that figure is wrong. It only takes 5 quarts with oil/filter change. Do not overfill. The 2.4 liter also takes 5 quarts. The V6 does take 5.5 quarts with oil/filter change.

6.4 quarts with filter change, 6.0 quarts without filter change.

AnswerIt takes 7-8 quarts if doing a filter change on the transmission...hope this helps!

Five quarts on a filter change, 12 quarts if it's dry following an overhaul.

assuming the fluid wasn't low when changed, approx 4 quarts. add almost 4 then check the level.

It will take between four and seven quarts, depending on how long the pan was off.

5 quarts US w/ oil filter change. Always change the filter. 5 quarts US w/ oil filter change. Always change the filter.

If you are just dropping the pan for a filter change, 4 qts should do it. If the trans is totally empty including the torque converter, 11 qts should do it.

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