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There is only 1 queen bee in th hive.

There is only one queen bee in each hive.

Under normal circumstances, there will only be one queen in a hive,

Queen bees rule the hive.

They don't. Queen bees don't normally leave the hive, and there is only one in each hive.

The only time a queen bee leaves her hive is when she is still a virgin and then she will make a mating flight, mate with many many drones in flight and then return to the hive. She does not "have to stay in the hive" but nevertheless she does.

All bees in a hive are female. The workers are sterile females. The only time there are males is in the spring when there is a new queen to be serviced.There are usually more than 1 million bees in a hive.

A queen bee is the only egg-laying member in a hive of bees.

One queen, 1% drones and the rest will be workers.

The queen bee is normally in the hive producing eggs which later turn into bees. She is also yes in the hive but telling the worker bees what to do.

Queen bees do have a smooth stinger which they use to attack other queen bees. They could sting a person but rarely leave the hive. They can sting many times.

Because the hive is always at work along with taking care of the queen bee.

He puts the queen bee inside the hive and the rest of the bees will follow her.

all of the bees in the hive

it is the queen bees worckers

One is the number of queen bees that reign in a hive. A hive maintained by beekeepers and a nest sustained in the wild may have many males, who are called drones, and many infertile females, who serve as workers. But there never will be more than one queen (under normal circumstances) since an egg that becomes a queen will assume control over the birth hive or nest or go elsewhere to start a separate hive or nest.

Bees normally protect the hive by swarming around it. If the bees feel threatened, they will sting the unwanted intruder to protect the queen and the larvae.

Under normal circumstances, there will only be one queen bee per colony.

In a honey bee hive, all of the bees are workers (infertile females, up to 80000), except for the queen and a few hundred drones (males).

Usually only one i think! xx

Under normal circumstances, only one.

There are three kinds of bees found in a bee hive, although the number of each may vary. You will usually find a queen, many worker bees, and a few drones.

A bee hive is an artificial home provided by a beekeeper to keep his bees in. The bees that he or she will have in the hive will be honey bees - Apis Mellifera. There will be one queen, several hundred drones (males) and up to 80000 workers (infertile females).

female bees make honey and do other things in the hive Answer: With the exception of a few male (drones) in the hive all bees in a hive are female. They do all the work. The only task the males have is to mate with the new queens if the hive swarms or if the present queen dies

You can't if there is brood there. You would have to trap her in a queen cage and put her in the new hive, then transfer as many of the other bees as possible. If the new hive is kept very close to the old site the remaining bees should go to the new hive by themselves within a few hours.

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