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As of February 2018, over 46.7 million questions have been asked on, and over 33.1 million questions have been answered.
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How do you ask a question on

How to Ask a Question on | WikiAnswers . Make sure you are logged in. . Type your question in the white bar found at the top of thescreen and click on "Go." (Make sure your question starts with aquestion word like What, when, why, how, etc. or the site willthink you are just trying ( Full Answer )

Can you ask a test question on

If "test question" means something posted to experiment Yes, but please contact us afterward, so that we candelete it when you are done testing. (See the discussion for how tocontact us.) If "test question" means a question on an exam: There's nothingreally stopping you. As long as ( Full Answer )

What is the best way to ask a question on

The Best Way to Ask a Question When asking a question, there are some good practices to bear in mind that will help your question to be answered faster by someone who has knowledge of the subject. On the other hand, there are some bad practices that make it unlikely your question will receive ( Full Answer )

How many questions have been answered on

Stunning Statistics As of February 16, 2018, there are 33,116,839 answers givenby the community (in addition to the millions of answers and topicsfrom's reference sources). You can check the constantly rising number of answered questions(as well as other interesting statistics) at t ( Full Answer )

What questions have not been answered on

To discover what needs to be answered, just go to any category and click on New Questions or Unanswered Questions. Or you can click on Featured Questions on the left. Or, for yet another way, use the magnifying glass icon at the top of the screen and search for something. Then you will see which of ( Full Answer )

How many questions have you answered on

You can find the number of questions you have answered on your profile page (there is a link to 'My profile' on the left side of the screen). Once on your profile you can look over on the right side to see how many answers, edits, etc. you have on WikiAnswers.

What happens if you ask an inappropriate question on

Questions and answers are reviewed by Supervisors who decide if the questions and/or answers fall within the guidelines set down in the Terms of Use. If they fail this examination, they are reverted to the next best answer or are relegated to a catch-all question for further review or editing. If ( Full Answer )

How do you find out who asked a certain question on

Who Asked the Question? To find out who asked a specific question, do the following: . At the top of the blue box on the left-hand side of the page, you will see "Question tools" (under the "Hi [username]" when they are logged in). . Click on "Question history." This will give you informat ( Full Answer )

Can answer all the questions that people ask?

Not all questions get answered. However, with so many overlapping questions here there is a good chance an answer may show up in one of the Related Answers that are shown below the question. All answers come from volunteers who know the answer or take the time to research it. Volunteers also pat ( Full Answer )

How do you look at questions you asked on

First click on 'My contributions' found in the blue tool bar on the left of your screen. You should be now on you contributions page. You can filter the results to show only the questions you've asked, by clicking the blue downward facing arrow where it say's "Filter by action" (Just underneath your ( Full Answer )

Why is the period taken out of when asking a question?

According to the guidelines for question asking, the only punctuation allowed is the question mark at the end, except in rare cases as stated in the following quote. . Special characters including commas cannot be used in questions because of limitations in our system. There should be ( Full Answer )

Does the staff of ask questions?

Yes. We ask lots of questions. We just answer and edit a lot more often, and it is a lot easier on the site to see when someone has done something with an answer, so it is probably harder to notice. :)

What are some of the craziest questions asked on

Who are you asking this question. You think the people who made this website are going to answer all these random little questions for you. You gotta be out of ya mind. AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN ANY TIME SOON! Unless you check the "Most Amusing Questions Ever Asked on WikiAnswers" category.

What is the dumbest question ever asked on

"You can ride a unicycle down Mt Everest but you can't ride it up. Why?" I've seen many in my time but one persons opinion doesn't really make something fact. Here's a good one, "How do you get to" I've got one: "Is they any going to dad's makeover home Edison in the house?" "Is Eve ( Full Answer )

How do you find out the user name of the person who asks a question on

If the question has not been answered and you are signed in as a real user, click Question History. If the question has been answered, this information will already be at the bottom of the answer window. It will tell you either the user name or the IP address of the person that asked the question. I ( Full Answer )

How many new questions are asked on per minute?

Since the beginning of, there has been on average about 6.28 questions asked every minute . In recent months, therehave been about 3000-6000 questions asked everyday. That is about 2-4 questions asked per minute . As of late November 2016, has 46.2 million questions.Answers, ( Full Answer )

How do you track who asked a question on and see what other questions that user has asked?

To find who asked a question, click on 'Question history' under 'Question tools' in the blue toolbar to the left. The very last name on the list should be who asked the question. If you click on their name, then under 'recent contributions' on their profile click 'see all', you should end up with a ( Full Answer )

How do you ask people a question on

The easiest way is to create an account and then ask your question. Without an account, there is now way to get back to you with any questions about it. You can then message a supervisor to get the category changed. truthfully i have absolutely no clue can someone plz help me because i have a ( Full Answer )

How can you ask a question on

you click the big box at the top that is green then click go Just keep on doing what you're doing, you're fine. I was wondering how to answer questions though... :)

How many questions are there in now?

The amount of questions on the site are constantly changing alongwith how many members and answers there are. To see all the currentstatistics go to: and scroll down to the verybottom. On a blue bar will be all the current stats.

How do you ask others questions when you are a member on

If "others" refers to other users, find a user. When you are in another user's profile, go down a bit, looking to the right. There whould be an envelope with words that say "Message user". Click on it. You can now write a message to the user. Sometimes, it may take you to their message board, but if ( Full Answer )

How do you ask a real person a question on

When you post a question on WikiAnswers, you are asking a real person, though it may not seem like it. All of the contributors on WikiAnswers are real people, dedicated to answering questions that you post. The only reason why a question isn't answered is because. . . well, the volunteers don't know ( Full Answer )

Can you ask long questions in

You can ask long questions to an extent, the amount of characters the system allows is an limit, however, people can ask long questions.

Can you ask questions about suicide on

You can ask any honest question, about anything. And what's more, I strongly encourage you to do so. We think it's better to talk about things, instead of keeping them inside. However, it's also fair to say you may or may not get an answer. No-one here is required to answer any question -- it's u ( Full Answer )

Why does always have no answer for the question you ask?

Because there are a lot of questions that are asked on this website and we sometimes can't ALWAYS deal with the ones that come. There are a lot of people with a lot of knowledge of a certain category, or specific questions and sometimes that person is not always active, or doing something else.

What else can I do on besides ask and answer questions?

Depending on your interests and your age, you could apply for one of the specialized programs for contributors. First, make sure you are giving great, detailed answers, using full sentences, good grammar and proper spelling. Then, visit the community forum to post your interest in joining a contri ( Full Answer )

How can you remove a question you asked on

You can't by yourself. They become a permanent part of the site. Ifyou need something deleted or need to remove your personalinformation (which should not be shared in questions), please writeto support @