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five questions in each of the six categories for each round

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You should start your Jeopardy Board with a decision on the different categories that you will be using. You said it was a book and not a group of books or a category or series of books. It will be hard to find many categories with 5 questions in each category about a book, when you will need 6 categories for each round. You might start with a Wikipedia search on the book title. You can pick some of the characters in the book that you can also find 5 questions to ask and make them categories for your Jeopardy board. You might ask questions about the author in another category. Locations and events in the book can also be used as categories. Jeopardy uses facts to ask a question that lead to the answer. You can review and even search with a keyword an archive of the Jeopardy shows at the related link.

Technically none, as the jeopardy screen is a screen of answers. The players of the game provide the question to that answer. This is why all responses must be phrased as a question or points are not awarded.Another answer: The first round of Jeopardy has six categories, with five clues in each category. Therefore, there are 30 clues, each of which must be responded to in the form of a question.

There are 61 answers/questions in a complete game of Jeopardy - 30 in the Jeopardy Round, 30 in the Double Jeopardy Round and 1 in the Final Jeopardy Round.

13 - there are six categories in the Jeopardy round, six in the Double Jeopardy round, and one category for final jeopardy.

We have a category for the Olympics. That category has many sub-categories. Take a look around the category and pick questions you can answer.

Yes, when you go to a category at the top of the page under the category title you will see the total number of questions in that category.

6 categories with 5 questions in both the Jeopardy and Double Jeopardy round total 60 Squares

As if 8:34PM EDT on 5/2/11 there where 158,700 questions in the Movies category.

Generally, a category needs about 100 questions before being created. See 'related questions' for more information.

i searched a bit through the categories i like....there are thousands of caetgories, and each category has thousands of questions. i searched only on one SUB-category, and found 47.000 questions, 19.000 being unanswered. and it was a not-too-browsed category, so the correct answer is: as much as you can count, and even more. if you don`t like my answer, ask this question again and you`ll get another one each second

After the category title (and explanation if applicable), it says in bold 'Total questions ...' This is rounded up to the nearest hundred.

There are many questions which have not yet been answered. Click on "Unanswered questions" when you are in a category to see them all.

There are 3 of the Daily Doubles per game, 1 in the first round, and 2 in the second round. The Double Jeopardy is the name of the second round of Jeopardy, which has the same size of six categories with five questions or clues (30) that the first round does. It's just that the point values are doubled in the double Jeopardy round.

Due to a 'bot' glitch, many questions were accidentally put into the Orangutan category. This causes many irrelevant terms to connect with that category; for example, a lot of questions about specific dates in history were added there, so it's a recommended category for more questions of that type. In addition, many people don't pay attention to the category they place their question in, and it adds to the problem. Supervisors will get it cleaned up soon.

WikiAnswers has a category called 'Most Amusing Questions Ever Asked on WikiAnswers'. The category is home to many amusing questions that also goes under the category strange, unusual, weird, etc. Below is the link to the category.

The only real way to find out is to select a category, find out how many pages there are, and multiply the number of pages by the number of questions displayed per page (the default is 50 questions per page).

There are many different ways to achieve contributions points that take less time and research than to answer questions. Rather than looking for unanswered questions in a category that you have knowledge you can look for questions that do not belong in that category. The search can be very useful tool to locate items that are in incorrect categories. Don't forget searching for spelling errors or the addition of an s at the end of the word. Many questions are put into the wrong categories and when they are corrected you receive a contribution point both for removing it from each wrong category and for placing it into the correct category. Correction of the spelling error in a question will even get another contribution point. You can even get earn points if you do not have knowledge of a certain category because of spelling errors. Want to locate a misspelled word or name go to that category for example each of the names in the sub category under teen idols and when you notice that one is spelled different from the name it is listed under search for that spelling error in every category. While you're searching don't forget to look for properly spelled names that were in the wrong category. go to categories that you know about and answer the questions there

Anyone (including you) can answer (or edit) questions. This is a "wiki" site that is open to everyone. There are also experts and supervisors in each category who provide as many detailed answers as they can and also supervise the other answers for quality.

As of March 2011, there are more than 7,000 questions in the Mark Twain category.

There are more than 121,000 Teen Dating questions in the 'Teen Dating' category.

Many questions should be removed from WikiAnswers, but when it is removed from the data bases completely, people can just ask it again. There is a category called the 'Catch-All' category, and every question in it is the storage question to all answers that shouldn't belong on WikiAnswers. This category of questions has storage questions from having not enough information, to relating to cyberbullying.

The rankings shown on your profile page are for the current month, and the totals change each day. To compare your monthly and overall totals, see the related link below.

There are many ways to contribute to the WikiAnswers community, such as:Answering QuestionsAsking QuestionsEditing QuestionsEditing AnswersAdding Related LinksAdding Related QuestionsEdit categoriesFlag Questions for improvementPre-Answer a QuestionRemove an AnswerMerge questions (only Supervisors can perform this)Revert Answers (only Supervisors can perform this)Feature Questions (only Supervisors can perform this)Supervise a Category (only Category Supervisors can perform this)Create a CategoryCreate a Category DescriptionRecommend contributorsRecommend questionsJoining a WikiAnswers program, such as WIT.

Yes there are many unanswered questions. You can go to a category of your choice and click on "Unanswered questions" to see them.You can also click on "Unanswered Questions" at the top left of any page.

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