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Q: How many questions were unflagged in total during the WikiAnswers 'Operation UNFLAG' contest?
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What was the Mission Recategorization contest?

Mission: Recategorization was a contest held on WikiAnswers in the summer of 2008. Those who recategorized the most questions during the week won gift certificates or WikiAnswers logo hats. To view the winners of the contest see the related link below.

What are the release dates for Ensign O'Toole - 1962 Operation Contest 1-31?

Ensign O'Toole - 1962 Operation Contest 1-31 was released on: USA: 28 April 1963

What is the latest WikiAnswers contest?

There are contests on Wikianswers known as the "WAmmy's" and feature many members that are outstanding in particular categories. The last contest that took place was in 2011 and they occur every year usually toward the end of the year or the beginning of the following year. The contest for 2012 will take place in December 2012, or January 2013.

Who won the WikiAnswers contest?

Aggie won the most recent AnswerThon competition that was held in January 2011

Who is participating in the WikiAnswers Contest Spring has Sprung Answerthon?

There was approximately 500 users who registered in the Spring '13 AnswerThon. To see the winners of the contest see the related question below.

What is the 'Operation UNFLAG' contest?

'Operation: UNFLAG!'According to the sticky message sent to every member's message board, the mission on "Operation: UNFLAG!" is to unflag and improve answers to as many flagged questions as you can. When is this competition?September 18-19, 2010.Where can you read the rules of the contest?The guidelines & rules are accessible by clicking on the Related hyperlink below.Are there prizes?Yes, there are. The top 6 finishers will win gift cards worth up to $500!(For more information on the contest - as well as to a video that discusses flagged answers - please see the Related link below.)~ Good Luck to all the participants ~

How do I enter the joke contest?

WikiAnswers is a question and answer website. We don't actually have joke contests. Sometimes we have answer contests though.

Can you make a sentence using multitude?

The class had a multitude of questions when the essay contest was announced.

Does answers-com have a writing contest?

Perhaps you are thinking about the WikiAnswers Scholarship Program, that plans to award twenty scholarships valued at $1,000 each.To take part, you need to sign-in to WikiAnswers with your username and answer at least 50 questions of your choice. The panel of judges will review the 50 answers you submit with your application for quality and accuracy.For more information see:

If I am a judge at the Miss freshers Contest what must be my questions?

attitude, personality, speaking, appearance, intelligence.

What other activities or contests are there on WikiAnswers besides the Answerthon?

On 9-9-09 (September 9th, 2009), WikiAnswers hosted the '9 Cubed Event', where there was a WikiAnswers AnswerHunt, Town Halls, and a Video Contest!For more information about these past events, view the Related Link below.

Funny beauty contest questions?

There are many funny beauty contest questions. One funny question to ask would be 'What one thing makes you blush?'. Another funny question to ask would be 'Rate yourself on a scale from 1 to 10 on how weird you are'.

Select the synonym of the imbecility from the multiple choice questions-contest-dispute-contentious-disputatious-asininity?


Why would you want to enter the WikiAnswers Contest?

The contest would be entered by anyone who thinks they could win. There are prizes for the top 10 winners also. Maybe the person even just wanted to see how much they could score.

Who is the Sarah Bryant affiliated with WikiAnswers or

I am the Office Manager for the New York City office of Answers Corp. Hi! If you win a contest on WikiAnswers you may see my name on the box your prize comes in.....that is a fun part of my job!

If you are a judge at Miss Gay beauty contest what must be your questions?

my question for you a gay do you agree or not agree the death penalty and why

What was the 9 Cubed contest?

The 9 Cubed video contest was a contest held on 9-9-09 to celebrate the triple 9 digits in the date. By 9-9-09, the video contest participants had to have answered an unanswered question (or replaced a completely incorrect one), added a Related Link with their video on YouTube specifically stating that it was for the 9 Cubed video contest, and submitted it to the WikiAnswers judging team. It was the only contest of its kind so far, and it only happened the week of 9-9-09.

Who illustrates butterfingers in tinkle?

Please do not ask for answers for the questions in THE TINKLE contest. Please read the stories and get the answer. Answer cannot be disclosed.

Did your 150 answers reach Spring Answerthon Contest 2013?

Well, I answered 150 questions from various categories in Spring Answerthon Contest, 2013 as a registered participant. I was very much confident about securing a place in the said contest. I have no authority to question about the Hon'ble Judges and have gladly accepted the verdict. Let me wait for the next contest for participation and continue my contributions as before !

How do you win prizes in the AnswerThon?

As the contest name suggests, you win prizes by answering questions. Over a 48 hour period, all users will answer as many questions as they can.After the time period has ended, the answers for each user will be added up. Although prizes change each year, there is generally a first, second, and third place that you can place in. Many runner-ups (usually 50) will receive WikiAnswers swag.

Do you say i am going for a contest or to a contest?

You say, "I am going to a contest", this means you are going to watch a contest. "I am going for a contest", this is odd to say but means that you are hoping or choosing a contest. If you say "I am in/entering a contest", you are saying you are going to attend a contest.

Why don't you just use Wikipedia instead of WikiAnswers?

Wikipedia is designed to provide general information on general and notable subjects. It is not designed as an instruction manual, a source of unverified information (even if it is true), a crystal ball, or specific information that very few people would be interested in. Wikipedia cannot, and does not try to, provide information on absolutely everything. Questions on WikiAnswers, however, are not subject to a popularity contest. There will probably never be a Wikipedia article about the average number of warts on a male Colombian toad born in 1999, but you can ask about it on WikiAnswers, and someone will answer if they know.

Is contest an adverb?

No, the word contest is not an adverb.The word contest is a verb ("we will contest the decision") and a noun ("I entered the contest").

What has the author James N Kimball written?

James N. Kimball has written: 'Kimball contest copy, using official typewriting contests' -- subject(s): Examinations, questions, Examinations, questions, etc, Typewriting

What movie and television projects has Wolf Mittler been in?

Wolf Mittler has: Played Himself - German Commentator in "The Eurovision Song Contest" in 1956. Played Himself - German Commentator in "The Eurovision Song Contest" in 1957. Played Himself - German Commentator in "The Eurovision Song Contest" in 1958. Played Host in "Sag die Wahrheit" in 1959. Played Himself - German Commentator in "The Eurovision Song Contest" in 1960. Played Himself - German Commentator in "The Eurovision Song Contest" in 1961. Played Annotator in "Operation Ganymed" in 1977.