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one rabbit year is two weeks

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Q: How many rabbit year is one year?
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How long is a rabbit year?

A rabbit year is similar to a dog year. About 6, 7, or 8 rabbit years in one human year.

How many pages does The Year of the Angry Rabbit have?

The Year of the Angry Rabbit has 180 pages.

Why is the rabbit the animal of the new year?

The animal of the year for Chinese New Year is one of twelve animals that go in a constant rotation. There have been many "Years of the Rabbit" and 13 years from now there will be another one, in turn.

How many offspring can a rabbit produce in a year?

a rabbit has about 5 to 6 offspring

How many month in a year is a pet male rabbit sexual active?

how many month in a year is a male pet rabbit more sexual active

Can you name a rabbit Chestnut?

Yes you may. I have a Rabbit named Chestnut. He is one year old

How many apples can a rabbit have in one day?

One! It will keep the rabbit doctor away.

How many babies can a rabbit produce in a year?

A rabbit can have up to 13 litters a year and each litter can have 2-10 babies. Therefore, the most productive rabbit, by these statistics, can have 130 babies in a year.

How do you measure rabbit years?

Rabbit years are similar to dog years. One human year is about 7-8 rabbit years.

How many people die from rabbit fever?

There are no statistics as to how many people die from rabbit fever each year. There are an estimated 150-300 cases each year.

What does the Rabbit mean in Chinese New Year?

The rabbit is one of the twelve zodiac animals in Chinese tradition.

How many times a year can a rabbit give birth?


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