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How many rare Pokemon are there in Pokemon Pearl?

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in Pokemon pearl the rare Pokemon are pa lkia and lucario and in platinum

there is azelf uxie mespirit dialga palkia and giritina and manaphy prince of the sea

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What super-rare Pokemon is there in pearl?

The main rare Pokemon in pearl is palkia

What is the best Pokemon you can get on pearl?

i think that the best Pokemon you can ever have in Pokemon pearl is Empoleon or Palkia not rare^ rare^

Is yanma rare in Pokemon Pearl?

Yes, Yanma is actually extremely rare in Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Diamond.

Rare Candy Pokemon Pearl?

Yes there is rare candy in pearl

Can you duplicate rare Pokemon with a Ditto on Pokemon pearl?

its is super RARE

PLease tell me the directions to the rare Pokemon store in pearl?

What rare Pokemon store?I never saw one in my Pokemon pearl game.

Is a golduck a rare Pokemon?

Not particularly, no. It can be found on many paths in Pearl.

How rare is tyrogue in Pokemon Pearl?

Tyrogue is a moderately rare Pokemon in diamond and pearl. But you can get one by breeding a hitmontop with a ditto

How rare is mime jr?

Its very rare in Pokemon pearl.

How many rare candies can you get on Pokemon pearl?

you can get 999 using the action replay

Bronze statue in Pokemon maison on Pokemon pearl?

a rare Pokemon

What rare Pokemon can you catch on Pokemon Pearl?

you can catcha giratina

How do you get to the rare Pokemon store in Pokemon Pearl? can't...?

Where do you get steel wing in Pokemon Pearl?

in the pokecave you have to find the rare pearl

What are some rare Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

Rare Pokemon? I suppose, Ledgendarys are rare, Palkia. Mesprit, Uxie, Azelf. Altaria are kinda rare, Garchomp are rare. -Hope I helped

On Pokemon pearl where do you bring fossiles to get revived?

In the Pokemon series you can revive fossils into rare Pokemon. In Pearl you can do this at the coal museum.

How do you skip levels in Pokemon Pearl?

use rare candys on a Pokemon

What are all the rare Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

legendary Pokemon are rare. Pokemon from other regions are usually rare starter Pokemon from other regions THERE ARE HUNDREDS!!!!! WE CANT NAME IT ALL!!!!!

Where is the mansion in pearl?

The Pokemon Mansion is home to some rare Pokemon. To find it in Pokemon Pearl version, go to route 212.

How do you get 99 rarecandys on Pokemon Pearl?

You can only get that many rare candies by using an Action Replay.

Can Pokemon on pearl evolve from rare candies?


How can you get infinite rare candys in Pokemon pearl?


Is chansey rare in Pokemon diamond and pearl?

no it's not

How do you get infinitie rare candies in Pokemon pearl?

you cant.

Pokemon pearl rare candy code?