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Tony Hawk broke 1 world record of completing the 900!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That was rad homs.

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How many bones did Tony Hawk break?

tony hawk has broken 4 bones

How many records did Tony Hawk set?


What does Tony Hawk do?

Tony Hawk is a pro skateboarder. He has topped many skateboarding world records, made many new skateboarding moves, and was in the X-Games for the first time when he was 14. Skate.

How many Tony Hawk games are there?

i think there is 20 games of tony hawk

Why is tony hawk so important?

Because he started off skateboarding and he has set many records for people to follow

How many video games are made after Tony Hawk?

how many tony hawk games u ask? ill tell u. there are 12 tony hawk games in all tony hawk pro skater tony hawk pro skater 2-PlayStation tony hawk pro skater 3-playstation tony hawk pro skater 4-playstation tony hawk underground-playstation 2 tony hawk underground 2-playstation 2 tony hawk American wasteland-playstation 2 tony hawk project 8-playstation 2 tony hawk downhill jam-Wii tony hawk proving ground-xbox 360 tony hawk RIDE-xbox 360 tony hawk shred-wii and im not to sure wat all of them are for but i do know some of them so i hope i helped u enjoy

What medals did Tony Hawk win?

How many x games and metals did tony hawk win

What is Tony Hawk famous for?

Tony Hawk is a famous skateboarder. He has won many medals and landed the first 900 on the vert.

How many wives has Tony Hawk had?


How many tricks has Tony Hawk invented?

Tony Hawk invented 54 tricks in total including enhancements of other tricks.

Can you name many famous people with initials TH?

Teri Hatcher,Tony Hawk, Tom Hanks...

How many kids does Tony Hawk have?

Tony Hawk has four kids. Riley (1992) Spencer(1999) Keegan(2001) Kadence(2008)

What contest did Tony Hawk enter?

Tony Hawk has entered many, One of which was the Xgames. Where he landed the first 900. He is still recognized for that as of now.

How many awards did Tony Hawk win?


How many awards has Tony Hawk won?


How many medals did Tony Hawk win?


How many wives does Tony Hawk have?

2 i think

How many bone has Tony Hawk broke?


How many bones has Tony Hawk broke?

Tony has broken about 4 bones

Who is Tony Hawk?

Tony Hawk is a famous skate boarder with many talents. He did moves like the Ollie to Indy, 540, Ollie 540 and 900.

How many kids does Tony Hawk have and what are their names?

he has 2 children oldest James rawson hawk and youngest ben harvatt hawk.

How many sons did Tony Hawk have?

Watch jessie23457 on YouTube

How many fans does tony hawk have?

0 zero ^ is a FAIL!!!!!!!!!

How many skateboardes does Tony Hawk have?

26 all different

How many siblings does Tony Hawk have?

I think he has 2 or 3.

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