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Almost 200 million flowers are sold and delivered, 115 million of which are red roses. According to ProFlowers, men buy 75 percent of roses for the holiday.

Many young men find the prices too expensive to buy a dozen roses, thanks to the growers knowing this is the best time of year to jack up their prices. Here are some different ways you can get around this:

Tips on buying roses for Valentine's Day:

  • Red roses are the most expensive. If you insist on red roses (considered a sign of love and passion) then DON'T BUY the long-stemmed red roses because the longer the stem the more expensive the rose! When the receiver of the bouquet of roses gets them the roses should be cut UNDER WATER by 1" or more before putting into a vase. So, it stands to reason by buying long-stemmed roses you are paying more for something that will or should be cut-off by the receiver.
  • If you go to a discount store or a small store to get a better deal for your roses, feel the bulb part of the rose (just below the petals) and if it is spongy then the rose is not fresh and won't last, but if it feels fairly solid the rose is in good shape.
  • Women today don't always want red roses and find other colors more appealing so it's alright to either give a mixture of colors to your wife or girlfriend (should she like pink, yellow, etc.) or just a dozen of another color and a nice card.
  • For those young men that can't afford a dozen roses no matter what color, one single rose with a pretty small bow on it should be enough to tell your wife or girlfriend you love her. You can ask the florist to put the ribbon around the stem of the rose for you and add a nice mushy card to go with it.
  • My husband and I have been married 34 years and the most precious gift he gave me when we were dating and his company went on strike. He bought me one red rose and a beautiful card. I cherished that one rose so much that I pressed it between a book and I still have it to this day!
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Q: How many red roses are sold on Valentine's Day?
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How many dozens roses sold in us sold on valentines day?


How many roses are sold in UK on Valentine's Day?

it is estimated that 1 billion are sold on valentines day in the UK

How many roses are sold each year for valentines day?

I would say 3 thousand.

Most roses sold on Valentines Day sold in the u.s. are imported from where?

From Colombia

Most roses sold in the us for valentines day are grown in what state?


What state produces the most roses for valentines day?

The state of California produces 60% of American roses, but most roses sold on Valentine's Day in the U.S. are imported from South America. Hope that helps!

How many flowers are sold on valentines day?


Approximately how many roses are given on valentines day worldwide?

five billion

What is the best time to prune roses?

Roses should be pruned in early Spring. Many people do so after Valentines Day.

What is the most common valentines day gift?

Chocolates and Roses

What is the percentage of red roses purchased on valentines day?


How many flowers are sold on valentine's day?

110 million roses are sold.

How many roses are sold in the 3 day period around Valentine's Day?

Each year men buy women roses for Valentine's Day. There are an estimated 200 million roses sold each Valentine's Day.

How many roses are sold every year for Valentine's Day?

Around 224 million roses are sold every year.

Which Flowers are usually associated with Valentine's Day?

roses definitely roses. you wouldn't give someone tulips on valentines day so it's ROSES!!!!

What day most flowers sold?

Valentines day

What is the flower associated with Valentines day?

Roses. I think that it because roses are often thought of as love flowers.

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Why are roses used for Valentine's Day?

Roses are used for valentines day because, it shows you love someone and that you really care about them! -Stephanie <3 !

An annual shortage of roses drives up their cost around?

valentines day

What country exports the most roses for Valentines Day?

Columbia in South America

How many roses will delivered around Valentines Day?

1 because if they love you they would take it also give them a taco

Red roses are a popular gift on Valentines day When is it appropriate to send a yellow rose?

Yellow roses symbolize friendship and familiar love. There are many different occasions that people can send yellow roses.

How many roses are sold and delivered on Valentine's Day in the whole world?

Its not countable