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How many reps of stair climbing should you start out doing in your home?

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I'm starting to do that since my tennis season is over. My stairs have 13 steps, and the hypotenus is about 1 foot for each of them. I do 3 reps of 15, (down is 1, and up is 1 also) and it works me out pretty good. I'm starting to do that since my tennis season is over. My stairs have 13 steps, and the hypotenus is about 1 foot for each of them. I do 3 reps of 15, (down is 1, and up is 1 also) and it works me out pretty good.

2009-01-08 01:56:31
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Climbing stairs is a very good work out! If you do not have very strong knee joints, I would suggest taking something like cod liver oil. This is very good for keeping strong healthy joints. Keep climbing stairs, and the more you do, the easier they will become. (Try not to over-do it though!) =) Alex, 17. Older people should get an evaluation from their physician and fitness trainer to make sure that they are ready to take up stair climbing as an exercise. This is particularly important for people who have been sedentary or have had injuries previously. Start with short sessions of stair climbing and gradually increase the duration and intensity as the muscles and joints get more conditioned. -Eliza8

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