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A right ange is a 90 degree angle. Within a 90 degree angle, there is only one 90 degree angle, and therefore only one right angle.

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What shape has 90 degrees angle?

Many shapes have a right angles. For example, a right angled triangle, square or rectangle all contain at least one right angle. Trapeziums may also contain right angles. Any irregular polygon may also contain a right angle.

How many obtuse angles that a right triangle can contain?

None because it can only have 1 right angle and 2 acute angles to be a right angle triangle and the 3 angles add up to 180 degrees.

How many right angles can a triangle contain?

Since a triangle has 3 angles that total 180 degrees, it can have only 1 right angle. Since a triangle has 180 degrees and 3 angles, it can only have 1 right angle.

How many angles does a right angle have?

A right angle only has one angle.

How many angles right angles?

A right angle is 90 degrees

A right angle is how many angles?

A "right angle" is 90 degrees.

How many angles does an obtuse angle have?

an obtuse angle has 2 angles. Obtuse angle: _/-acute / right

How many right angles can a cone contain?

a cone doesn't contain any right angles fool !

How many right angles does a right triangle contain?

A Right Angle Triangle contains one right angle.A right angle has a magnitude of 90°, or in radians (pi/2). A triangle has three angles forming the closed shape, the addition of which gives an angle of 180°, or pi radians. With two right angles, the addition of these alone gives 180° (pi radians), and therefore the last angle has a null value. This is impossible and therefore leads to the conclusion that no triangle can have more then one right angle.As the definition of a Right Angle Triangle requires an angle of 90°, and no triangle can have two of these angles a Right Angle Triangle must have exactly one right angle.

How many right angles can one triangle contain?

A triangle can have at most 1 right angle, however depending on the triangle the may not be any.

How many angles are larger than a right angle?

2, obtuse and reflex angles are larger than right angles A straight angle is larger.

How many shape right angle?

A right angle is 90 degrees and the 4 interior angles of a square and a rectangle are all right angles.

How many right angle can a triangle contain?

3 or 1. depending on which triangleImproved Answer:-Only one and the other two angles must be acute angles

How many angles less thsn a right angle does a pentagono?

The square has four right angles. The pentagon has two right angles.

How many types of angles are there?

The 7 types of angles are:acute angleright angleobtuse anglesupplementary anglestraight angle.complementary anglereflex angle

How many angles are smaller than a right angle in a parallelogram?

there are 4 angles and normally, there would be 2 angles that are smaller than a right angle Except of cause if the parallelogram is a square or a rectangle, all angles are equal to 90 i.e. right angle

How many right angle does a rightt angle triangle have?

Just the one and the other two angles are acute angles

How many right angles dose a triangle have?

A right-angle triangle will have one right-angle (90 degrees).

The right angles is how many degrees?

A right angle is 90 degrees.

How many right angle in a arrowhead?

The arrowhead has zero right angles.

How many right angles are there in a 720 degree shape?

A right angle = 90o angle. So, number of right angles in a 720o shape = 720 / 90 = 8.

How many angles of a triangle can be right angles?

A triangle has only 1 right angle. It only has one side that can possibly be a right angle. The type of triangle varies.

How many acute angles does a right triangle have?

A right angle triangle has 2 acute angles that add up to 90 degrees, along with 1 right angle of 90 degrees.

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