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Jupiter has AT LEAST 72 moons and I don't know how many rings. I love Astronomy!

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Yes. Jupiter has very faint rings, and 63 moons (or moonlets).

No. The rings of Jupiter are debris ejected from its moons.

Jupiter is bigger and nearer; Saturn has rings. They both have many moons.

In our solar system four gas giants have moons and rings they are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.Jupiter: It has 4 rings and 64 moonsSaturn: It has 30 rings [7 groups] and 62 moonsUranus:It has 13 rings and 27 moonsNeptune:It has 5 rings and 14 moons

The following all have rings. * Jupiter - 63 Moons * Saturn - 61 Moons * Uranus - 27 Moons * Neptune - 13 moons

Neptune has rings and 13 known moons. Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus all have rings and more than 18 known moons.

It is very likely that the ancient Jupiter just happened to be in the right place to gather in huge amounts of gas molecules in space. Jupiter has many moons, but no rings.

Jupiter has about 50 named moons but the total is 63.

Jupiter, Saturn, neptune, and uranus have rings and moons. they are all gas giants. Saturn is the planet that is known for my rings but many don't accept the privillage of the planet and its atmosphere Saturn

The only planets that have rings are Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune. Saturn has thousands of rings and 60 known moons to date. Jupiter has 1 ring and 63 known moons to date. Uranus has 13 rings and 27 known moons to date. Neptune has 4 rings and 13 known moons to date.

Jupiter and Saturn both have more than 23 moons and they both have rings, although Saturn's rings are the most prominent.

No planet has 19 moons and 1000 rings. Four planets have rings: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. All have over 20 known moons.

Jupiter has 50 moons around it.

Since there is only one Jupiter, it is the only Jupiter that has moons.

Mercury has no moons or rings

Jupiter has 67 known moons, although 17 of them are awaiting official names. More are discovered with every space probe we send there. It is likely that there are more not yet identified. The most recent are extremely small. As with the icy moonlets in Saturn's rings, there are millions of small objects orbiting the planet, some as part of Jupiter's own rings.63 moonsJupiter has 63 known moons. But 4 main moons, the largest of the 63.

Jupiter has 63 known moons

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all have rings. All of these except Neptune have more than 18 known moons.

The planet Jupiter has 63 moons and invisible rings.

jupiter has 50 named moons and 14 unnamed moons.

they are both gases,they both have rings Saturn has 18 moons and Jupiter has 16

Meteors that strike the inner moons surface make dust particles that form into rings around Jupiter

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