Sydney Harbour Bridge

How many rivets were used in the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge?


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There are six million rivets


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It is not known what the average weight of the rivets used on the Sydney Harbur abridge was. However, the largest of the rivets were 395 millimetres long, and weighed 3.5 kilograms.

six million hand driven rivets and 53,000 tonnes of steel were used to construct it and also concrete was used. this bridge is a suspension bridge and spans to 1,650 ft (503m) wide.

steel and contains 6 million hand driven rivets also large pylon two on either side and hinges for expansion from the sun

the harbour bridge is made up of steel and approximately 6.5 million rivets

The plates of Titanic were connected with about three million rivets.

None. London Bridge is a pre-stressed concrete bridge.

That depends on the material the rivet is made of. There are aluminum rivets, various grades of iron and steel rivets, and titanium rivets used in aircraft construction.

According to an Eiffel Tower website: 2.5 million rivets were used in the construction.

There are 2,500,000 rivets (two and a half million) in the Eiffel tower, holding 18,038 metal parts.

600,000 in each of the two towers

Materials used to construct the Sydney Harbor Bridge include: About 6,000,000 steel rivets, 2,800 tons of steelwork, including arch and mild steel approach spans, 122,000 cubic meters of rock was excavated for foundations. 95,000 cubic meters of concrete was used. 17,000 cubic meters of granite facing was used on the pylons and piers. 272,000 liters of paint were used for the initial 3 coats of paint. The span of the bridge was constructed using steel (mostly imported from the UK) with the pylons being constructed from granite and concrete. The deck is asphalt and concrete, and there are two railway lines across on concrete sleepers.

Most of the construction was done using rivets, not nuts and bolts.

One of the main questions that were raised was that people think that the Titanic used weak rivets which allowed the watertight compartments to flood which was one of the main reasons that caused the Titanic to sink.

the Eiffel tower has 2.5 million rivets or 2500000 rivets

The rivets in the titanic were made of iron.

Marvin G. Roth has written: 'Manual of aircraft riveting' -- subject(s): Airplanes, Design and construction, Rivets

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There are 2,500,000 rivets in the Eiffel tower.

25000 rivets were rotten on titanic

The duration of Rhapsody in Rivets is 420.0 seconds.

Sir John Fowler built it along with his friend Benjamin Baker.The Forth Rail Bridge wasthe biggest manmade construction of its time - it was the largest civil engineering structure of the nineteenth century.the largest span bridge in the worldalso the first bridge to be constructed purely of steel . In fact in using steel produced by the Siemens open-hearth process, it established mild steel as a reliable structural materialThe bridge took seven years to build, cost £3.2 million (counting £250,000 for the abortive construction work on the earlier bridge designed by ) and used in excess of 50,000 tons of steel and 6.5 million rivetsFifty eight people died, one hundred and six received serious injuries and five hundred and eighteen other accidents occurred over the seven years construction lasted.A total of 5000 workers were employed in its constructionIn 1907 29,675 passenger trains crossed the bridge with a gross weight of 14,674,750 tons. This usage contrasts with the present day - when during 2000 the bridge carried 54,080 passenger and 6,240 freight trains with a gross weight of 10,500,000 tons.The Bridge replaced the Granton - Burntisland ferry - many of the passengers that were killed in the Tay Bridge disaster had used the ferry to cross over the Firth of Forth

Just drill the rivets out and use new rivets to hold the handle in place.

3 millon rivets were used to keep Titanic together.

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