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The amount of whiskers varies. My one cat has ten on one side, my other has 15 on one side.

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How many rows of wiskers does a cat have?

Cats have four rows of whiskers on each side.In total they have 24 whiskers.

Does a cat have two rows of whiskers?

No, the average cat has 12 whiskers on each side, and they are arranged in four horizontal rows. The top two rows can be moved independently from the bottom two rows. The strongest whiskers are in rows two and three.

How many rows of whiskers do dogs have?

I think they have 4

What is old whiskers?

old whiskers is a old cat.. old whiskers is a old cat..

How many whiskers does a cat have?

Cats generally have 24 whiskers, 12 on each side of the nose.

What are cat whiskers made of?

Cat whiskers are made of keratin which is what hair and fingernails are made of.

How many whiskers do cats have?

Most cats have 24 whiskers on each side, placed in five very straight rows of varying length. Not all the whiskers may be the same length or in the same growing phase, however! They also have eyebrow whiskers, whiskers at the corners of their jaws and whiskers on their elbows.

Why do cat whiskers fall out?

Cat whiskers fall out for the same reason as their hair or outer layers of their claws; to be replaced by new whiskers. This renewing helps get rid of older or damaged whiskers that have little use to the cat.

Why doesn't nyan cat have whiskers?

Because a pop-tart cat with whiskers is just silly.

What a cat has?

A head and whiskers a cat has................ i guess.

What is the purpose of a cat's whiskers?

Cat whiskers serve as a way for cats to sense their surroundings. An example of this is when a cat is walking around at night, the whiskers help allow the cat to know where objects are based on the tips of the whiskers brushing against things. Also, the whiskers tend to be the length of the widest part of that cat's body. The purpose of this is for the cat to be able to tell if an area is large enough for it to fit through. The whiskers can also tell you how the cat is feeling. A cat that has his whiskers pulled back against his face, is feeling angry or defensive. If he's stalking or aggressive, the whiskers will be forward and tense. A cat with relaxed whiskers facing forward and down is happy and content.

What do cats use there whiskers for?

A cat uses it's whiskers for feeling, much like we humans feel with our hands. Without whiskers a cat can't do much.

What are the magical properties of cat whiskers?

The magickal properties of cat whiskers is protection of a traveler because the cat seems to always get home safely.

What breed are fish with whiskers?

The breed of fish with whiskers is a cat fish

Does a Sphynx cat have whiskers?

On a Sphynx cat, whiskers may be present, either whole or broken, or may be totally absent.

How many whiskers does a cheetah have?

6 three on each side like a cat

What are cat whiskers adapted for?

Cats whiskers are used to let the cat know if they will fit through a area. If a cats whiskers are cut it throws off their sense of balance also.

Will a cat stop eating if his whiskers were cut off?

A cat can't balance without its whiskers. Cutting a cats whiskers off is cruel and you'd have to be a complete jackass to do that to an animal

What are some Characteristics of cat fish?

THey have whiskers like a cat

If a cat loses its whiskers will it die?

No No No

What is the longest fur on a cat?


How does the cat use its whiskers?

to measure

What does a cat have that a human doesn't have?


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