How many rules does Hinduism have?

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Hinduism has 10 main rules, they are split into things you should do (Niyama) and things you shouldn't (yama).
1. Do not destroy or injure anything
2. Do not steal
3. Do not be envious
4. Do not lie
5. Do not overeat, over-drink or over indulge in sex
6. Keep yourself clean, inside and out
7. Be contented
8. Practice self discipline, tolerance, patience and mental calmness
9. Educate yourself
10. Try to surrender your mind to the higher power
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How many practice Hinduism today?

Hinduism has grown to become the world's third largest religion, afterChristianity and Islam. It claims about 837 million followers - 13% of the world's population. 2 It is the dominant religion in India, Nepal, and among the Tamils in Sri Lanka, malaysia, singapore, Indonesia,Myanmar,Thailand. ( Full Answer )

What are the rules of Hinduism?

Hinduism isn't really a rules based religion, not like there are a "ten commandments" or anything like that. Belief in reincarnation is a foundation of the religion, and this forms the guiding principal: to live by a pure mind and actions, (to create good karma, so to speak) so that you will be rein ( Full Answer )

How many followers are in the Hinduism religion?

About 900 million persons or 14 percent of the world's population follow Hinduism. It is world's 3rd largest religion in the world after Christianity and Islam. . A follower of Hinduism is called a "Hindu"

How many gods are in Hinduism?

Traditionally it is believed to be around 330 million, but it'sreally meant to say infinity, as there are many aspects to the manydeities found within Hinduism.

What are the rules in Hinduism?

The Hindu religion doesn't have rules so much as guidelines. Someof these are non-violence, truthfulness, purity of thought,contentment, austerity and surrender to God with regular prayers.

How many books are there in Hinduism?

There are two different types of writing in Hindu. These areclassified as religious and classical writings and each has fourtexts associated with them.

How many people worship Hinduism?

According to the CIA World Factbook , 13.261% out of the total world population of 6,677,563,921 worship Hinduism. (as of July 2008). According to the CIA World Factbook , 13.261% out of the total world population of 6,677,563,921 worship Hinduism. (as of July 2008)

Hinduism rules for followers?

Hinduism has 10 main rules, they are split into things you should do (Niyama) and things you shouldn't (yama).\n. \nYama:\n1. Do not destroy or injure anything\n2. Do not steal\n3. Do not be envious\n4. Do not lie\n5. Do not overeat, overdrink or over indulge in sex\n. \nNiyama:\n6. Keep yourself ( Full Answer )

How many deities are there in Hinduism?

Thousands of Gods and Goddesses. Sometimes each village has a separate protector God. These lesser Gods are termed as Bhairavas (Ferocious) or Kshetrapalas (protectors of the region). But then the major Gods and Goddesses are much less in number, around a score. Many hindus will consider all these G ( Full Answer )

How many followers are in Hinduism?

Hinduism has approximately 950 million followers, which accountsfor about 14% of the world's total population. This makes it thethird-largest religion in the world.

How many sects are in Hinduism?

Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma, 'the eternal law') has four maindenominations. The religions denominations are: Vaishnavism(Vishnuism), Shaivism (Shiviti), Shaktism, and Smartism.

Indian Supreme court ruled on Hinduism?

Are you trying to ask if the Indian Supreme Court is a Hindu court of law?. If yes, then the asnwer is no. India is a secular country and so is her justice system. Although, many laws are common to everyone in the country, there are some laws that are specially designed to meet with the religious r ( Full Answer )

How many followers of Hinduism?

Hinduism claims about 950 million followers. This equals out toabout 14% of the world's population. This is one of the largestreligions in the world.

What is the basic rules or principles of Hinduism?

The basic principals of Hinduism vary from the different groups of Hindus. There are the Hindus who worship Rama. They are considered Vaishnavism. Most of their principles come from their sacred book the Ramayana. Then there are the other groups, just as large as the Vaishnavism. The basic princip ( Full Answer )

What rules do Hinduism people follow?

in the hindu religion, they believe that all animals are sacred, and so they must not eat or use anything that an animal has died for you to have. the cow is one off the most sacred. Hinus muct also follow the clothing rule, and that means wear desent colthing and must cover most of the body. th ( Full Answer )

How many people adhere to Hinduism?

In the world today, there are 2.4 million Hindus. It is thereligion with the third largest amount of adherents.

How many casts are in Hinduism?

Krishna says in the Gita "Chaturvarnam Maya srishtham, Guna Karma Vibhagashah" which means "The 4 classes of society are created by Me based on their individual nature and work". There are only 4 classes namely the intellectual class called the Brahmins, the fighting class called the Kshatriyas, the ( Full Answer )

Why does Hinduism have so many gods?

Hinduism is a religion, which enables us to lead a original human life in spite of so many beliefs. This is possible because Hinduism associates each of the basic forces with a god. The Basic gods: The basic forces and the associated Hindu gods are, 1. Dreaming force - Indra 2. Illusory fo ( Full Answer )

How many countries follow Hinduism?

There is currently no country with Hinduism as its officialreligion. Nepal used to be a Hindu state, but is no longerofficially so; however, it still has the highest Hindu populationof any country in the world.

Why does Hinduism have many deities?

Probably for the same reason all religions/faiths have many deities, you can pinpoint your need to one of the lesser worker bees, if the "big kahuna" of your preferred faith isn't answering the phone when you call. Polytheism and all that. The deities share the "workload" of call requests, if you wi ( Full Answer )

How many does Hinduism have?

How many gods? To know Hinduism it is always better to get a Hindu's answer. We have only one supreme power as God and this one God manifests in various forms and names to create govern and destroy the unwanted things of this Universe. Siva, Vishnu, Brahma, Sakthi,Ganesh and Skantha are six maj ( Full Answer )

How many sacred books are there in Hinduism?

There are many books for Hinduism. Ramayana and Mahabharata are the two important holy books of Hinduism. Bhagavad Gita [The technical part of Book 6 of the Mahabharata] is also the world famous one.

How many worshippers does Hinduism have today?

HI I would like give a partial answer to this question. Hinduism is very vast culture. You cannot call it religion As it comprises several sects, cultures, etc in diferent groups. So as for the question is concerned I would say whom ever worship GOD is a hindu. Bcoz, Hinduism always tells about ho ( Full Answer )

What are the 10 main rules of Hinduism?

1. Do not destroy or injure anything 2. Do not steal 3. Do not be envious 4. Do not lie 5. Do not overeat, overdrink or over indulge in sex Niyama: 6. Keep yourself clean, inside and out 7. Be contented 8. Practice self discipline, tolerance, patience and mental calmness 9. Educate yourself 10. T ( Full Answer )

Why does Hinduism have so many deities?

each of them (33mill) represent different qualities of one supreme god i.e Ganesha represents intellect. It is not necessary that all hindus will consider all Gods and Goddesses are representation of any Supreme God. Perhaps some people think so, but they should not make this sound as the opinio ( Full Answer )

How many prayers are in Hinduism?

According to Indian scriptures, 70000000 prayers and chants are inHinduism. All chants are produced by Lord Shiva.

How many words can you find in Hinduism?

3-letter words dim, din, dui, dun, hid, him, hin, his, hum, hun, ids, ins, ism, mid, mis, mud, mun, mus, nim, nus, sim, sin, sum, sun, uns 4-letter words dims, dins, dish, duns, hind, hins, hisn, hums, huns, imid, midi, mids, mind, mini, muds, muns, mush, nidi, nims, nisi, shim, shin, shun, ( Full Answer )

How many Hindu gods are there in Hinduism?

I'm not sure but I know that there are over 330,000 million gods. . Estimates vary, but there are approximately a third of a billion gods in Hinduism. Also bear in mind, that there are 3 main gods, who are Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. All the other very numerous gods are thought to be incarnations of ( Full Answer )

How many people were hindu when hinduism started?

There was some historians when Hinduism started. The real name is Sanatana Dharma, it is way of life,not a religion.Value system that has spiritual freedom as its core.

How many years is Hinduism compared to Jesus?

The two are not comparable. Hinduism is a religion that is at least3500 years old if not older. Jesus was a human being who lived for33 years according to the New Testament.

What does Hinduism represent in the Golden Rule?

Take this for example; "This is the sum of duty: do not do to others what would cause pain if done to you" Mahabharata 5:15:17. This quote represents Hinduism on the golden rule, it basically means that do not hurt others or treat them in a way that you would not like to be treated. If you would li ( Full Answer )

What does the many gods of Hinduism represent?

they represent that they have come several times to help their devotees for the sake of their believe, to show the the world I'm real not only in books .

What is Hinduism rules?

According to Scriptures Hindu rules are the rules made by God formankind. By following these rules one can attain the highest goalof life.

How many Hinduism country in the world?

there is only one Hindu country in the world Nepal. While India hasmajority of Hinduism but it is not only a Hindu country rather asecular.

How many major festivals are in Hinduism?

Hinduism is a Religion of festival, there are hundreds of festivalsin Hinduism. Main are diali, holi, navaratri,janmastami &rakshabandhan.

What are the main 10 rules of Hinduism?

main rules of Hinduism are Dharma (righteous living) Artha(material prosperity) Kāma (enjoyment) Moksha (liberation)Austerity (tapaḥ).Truthfulness (satyam) Purity (shaucham)Compassion (dayā) & Nirvana (Liberation).

How many banners does Hinduism have?

Hinduism is very wide Religion which has many banners. Such asjianism Buddhism shikhism shaktism shaivism & vasihanvism.

Why do they have rules in Hinduism?

without rules life is not possible. Hinduism is an ultimate path toattain Moksha (liberation) , which without rules is not possible.

How many gods Hinduism?

it is a myth that Hinduism has more than a million Gods. ActuallyHinduism has 33 different types of Gods and one Supreme God.

Why is there many gods in Hinduism?

according to Hinduism all the God are forms of Supreme God. Supremegod show Incarnation (avatāra) for the sake of humanity, thus hehas many different names.

Why does Hinduism included many deities?

Hinduism included many deities.The reason is that Hinduism is notmonocity .Hinduism is generally associated with a multiplicity ofGods, and it does not advocate the worship of one particular deity.The Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism amount to thousands and the onlysupreme is Brahma.

Why is Hinduism a mixture of many different religions?

Hinduism has one main teaching that is to accept others and havetolerance towards them. Thus when India was concurred many times bypeople of different religion, through long term of contacts itbegan to accept cultures of other religions as well.