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Altogether, there are eleven official Senshi.

Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Sailor Chibimoon, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, and Sailor Galaxia.

However, in the final season (Sailor Moon Sailor Stars) all of the villains (including the possessed version of Sailor Galaxia) are Senshi/Scouts.

e.g. Sailor Iron Mouse, Sailor Lead Crow, Sailor Aluminium Seiren, Sailor Iron Mouse.

The 'phages' in the last season - which are the creatures that humans turn into when their Star Seed was taken - were also "Sailors".

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Q: How many sailor scouts are there in sailor moon?
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What episode do all the sailor scouts go to the moon?

The sailor scouts go to the moon in episode 40 or 41 of Sailor Moon.

Who is the leader in the sailor scouts?

In the anime the leader of the Sailor Scouts is Sailor moon,however, Sailor Venus is the leader in the manga.

In what episode of sailor moon are the sailor scouts kidnapped?

There isn't an episode in which all of the sailor scouts are kidnapped. The closest to a kidnapping would be in Sailor Moon R when Sailor moon is aducted by Prince Diamond and the is episode 83

Who is the leader of the sailor scouts in sailor moon?

Sailor Moon- because the movie is called Sailor Moon (it's pretty obvious)!!!

How many Sailor Scouts are there in the first season of Sailor Moon?

In the first season of Sailor Moon, there are five Sailor Scouts [Senshi], listed in order of appearance:Sailor MoonSailor MercurySailor MarsSailor JupiterSailor VenusHowever, Sailor Venus was active the longest of them all, having been awakened by Artemis prior to Luna discovering Usagi and awakening her as Sailor Moon.

What episode of sailor moon do the sailor scouts get crystal power?

I don't know which episode, but the Sailor Scouts get their Crystal Power in the Sailor Moon anime series "Sailor Moon SuperS," when Pegasus, the well, um, pegasus, arrives and updates Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon's lockets.

Is there new sailor scouts?

There are actually 10 sailor scouts: Sailor Moon, Mini Moon, Mercurey, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

How many sailor scouts is there from sailor moon?

Sailor Venus, mercury, mars, Jupiter, moon, Pluto, neptune, uranus, Saturn and the sailor star lights! There was 3 of them. Right?

When do the sailor scouts get new uniforms?

The inner scouts' uniforms change in Sailor Moon Super S. Sailor Moon's uniform changes a second time in Sailor Stars, when she becomes Eternal Sailor Moon.

When does sailor saturn join the sailor scouts?

They find her in the last episode of Sailor Moon S, but when her and Sailor Moon fight off Pharoah 90 she is reborn as a child. In Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, she begins to grow, and eventually is a teenager in a few hours. She helps the Sailor Scouts from there on.

In what episode of sailor moon does sailor Uranus and sailor Neptune become sailor scouts?

They were Sailor Scouts before we ever saw them. Once they became Sailor Neptune and Uanus, they're effectively Sailor Scouts however we have no info on how Michelle became Sailor Neptune.

What is the difference between seasons in sailor moon?

The difference between the seasons in sailor moon is the enemy. In the first season the enemy of the sailor scouts is the Negaverse. In season two the enemy of the sailir scouts is Alam and Ann. Then in season three it is the Negamoon. In season four the enemy of the scouts is the Deathbusters. In season five the Dead Moon Circus is the enemy of the sailor scouts. Finally in season six which is only in japense Chaos and Galaxia are the enemies of the sailir scouts, more specifically Sailor Moon.

Do the sailor scouts really exsist?

No, the Sailor Senshi (Scouts) from Sailor Moon do not exist in real life. But cos-playing as your favorite senshi is always fun. ;)

Does Sailor Venus Die in Sailor Moon?

Yes she does but she comes back to life with the rest of the Sailor Scouts.

Who are the Sailor Scouts?

The Sailor Scouts are: Sailor Mercury: Amy Sailor Venus: Mina Sailor Mars: Rae Sailor Jupiter: Lita Sailor Moon: Serina Sailor Mini Moon: Rini Sailor Uranus: Amara Sailor Neptune: Michelle Sailor Pluto Sailor Saturn: Hitaru Together they protect the Earth and the universe from the forces of evil.

How many times does darien die in sailor moon?

he dies only twice the scouts die at least three and Sailor Moon dies once Sailor Moon dies more than once, but I'm not sure exactly how many times.

When do all the sailor scouts come in on Sailor Moon?

They all are there by the end of Sailor Moon S, with the exception of the Starlights, who come in after they defeat Nehelenia in SMStars.

What episode do the sailor scouts become super?

Sailor Moon becomes Super Sailor Moon when the Purity Chalice/Holy Grail is discovered episode 111 (Sailor Moon S series) The other scouts become super in Sailor Moon Super S series episode 143 They're the same episodes in both English and Japanese :)

Did sailor Pluto die in sailor moon?

Yes she dies, however, she returns with the rest of the scouts.

What act do the sailor scouts appear in their princess gowns?

The first time the Sailor Scouts (Senshi) appear in their formal princess gowns in the Sailor Moon manga is when Sailor Moon gains her Eternal transformation ability, at the end of the fourth Sailor Moon manga arc, "Dream." It is Act 48, Dream 10: Princess Dream.

In what episode of sailor moon do sailor Pluto Uranus and Neptune join the sailor scouts?

in episode 167 or 168 i forgot

Do any of the sailor scouts turn evil?

there is 4 Sailor Saturn, Uranus,Neptune,and Mini Moon

Do the outer sailor scouts know that Sailor Moon is the moon princess when they first see her?

No. they did not know sailor moon is the princess yet. until episode 32. If you want to see, check it out in youtube :)

Why is sailor moon the leader of the sailor scouts?

Whether she is the leader or not depends on if you're talking about the anime or the manga. In the anime, she's the leader of the Scouts mainly because, aside from Sailor V, she was the first Scout to be awakened. In addition, she's the Moon Princess, the one whom all the other Sailor Scouts have to protect--in a position of authority, it makes sense that she would also be the leader. However, in the manga, it's actually Sailor Venus who is the leader of the Inner Senshi (Scouts). She "takes over" when she appears and it is revealed that she is not the Moon Princess (as she led the others to believe initially) and Sailor Moon/Usagi/Serena is.

Who would win in a fight Sailor Moon and her scouts or Superman?

There are seven or eight Sailor Scouts and only one Superman. I'm pretty sure Superman's only power is strength, and the scouts have Sailor Jupiter for that, but they also have Sailor Mercury's intelligence, and a lot of other superpowers. So I believe that the Scouts would win