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How many scientologists are there?


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January 10, 2016 2:40PM

There are about 10 million that ever took a course. However the number of active members is far below that. According to the CoS itself, there are millions of scientologists.

One frequently cited survey stated that there are less then 100.000 (55.000 in 2001), but the publisher of that survey retracted their results because the methodology was designed to measure adherents of major religious factions such as Christian, Muslim, Jewish, etc.

Attendance at Scientology events are very large in some parts of the world. The church has dozens or hundreds of facilities and churches around the world. Although the exact number of "Scientologists" is unknown, it is clearly well over 100,000 and is most likely in the millions.

Part of the uncertainty arises from the fact that there is no "membership" program in most countries, and that current polling methods for religious affiliation are not suited for determining numbers of Scientologists.