How many sea shells did she sell?

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Not many, she gave up the trade to sew shirts for shipwrecked sailors.
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How do you put holes in sea shells?

With an electric drill and a small drill bit or you can use a dremel tool to make the hole. If you are not familiar with how to use either one of these safely, ask for help.. Also, consider using a carbide tip drill bit so you won't ruin a regular drill bit.

Largest sea shell?

The world's largest bivalve is Tridacna gigas or the giant clam which can reach more than 3 feet in length.. The largest univalve is Syrinx Araunus or the Australian trumpet which can reach a length of approximately 40 inches.

Where can you find a diagram of a sea shell?

Visit this website Some of it is a little technical, but it does a great job describing all types of seashell structures.

Do sea shells grow?

As the mollusks grows the shell around it grows to accommodate thelarger size. There are three layers to a shell, a proteinaceousperiosteum, a prismatic layer, and an inner pearly layer.

How many shells did she sell by the sea shore?

six difficult to find out, but i got the info from research... >how many shops she has by how many baskets peter piper fills up, and then divide it by how many pounds of wood a woodchuck chucks >it depends on the beach... ^if it is a naked beach about......what like 24???? ^if its a regular beach, ( Full Answer )

How many types of sea shells are there?

There are hundred of different types of sea shells found in theworld. Collecting sea shells is a hobby for many people. Differenttypes include conch, sand dollar and cockle shell. Some shells canonly be found in certain parts of the world.

How can you tell if a sea shell is fake?

You can usually tell if a seashell is fake by feeling it with yourhands. Although it is difficult to describe, fake seashells have adifferent feel to real ones.

How do you shine up sea shells?

You need to rub them with muriatic acid; that is usually available in a hobby or hardware store.

How does vinegar affect a sea shell?

Vinegar affects a sea shell by dissolving the calcium in the shell.The acid in the vinegar is what causes the sea shell to dissolve.

Why doesn't she sell chocolates on the sea shore instead of sea shells?

you would think that it would make more sense, but she doesn't sell chocolate because people usually bring food to the beach, and chocolate melts easily. Also there is a lot of sand, so there is a great possibility that sand will get in it. Also she can get sea shells for free, while she has to pay ( Full Answer )

What are sea shells?

Mostly Calcium carbonate, and so seashells are an excellent CO2 sink, locking up carbon until it is subducted, one of the aims of Speybay mussel farm.

What sea animal lives in a sea shell?

Usual marine life that live in shells are creatures that need protection from predators because of their soft bodies. Things like snails, slugs, clams, and mussels are just a few of the creatures that live in shells or have some sort of hard shell like armor on their bodies.

Who wrote the tongue twister 'She sells sea shells by the seashore'?

It was actually first written as a poem in 1908 by Terry Sullivan , in honor of Mary Anning. It soon became a popular tongue twister. The poem goes: She sells seashells on the seashore The shells she sells are seashells, I'm sure So if she sells seashells on the seashore Then I'm sure s ( Full Answer )

What is sea shell?

a sea shell is the protective outside that is picked up by crabs and used as armor and they are found near the sea because they washed up on shore

Can sea turtles go in their shells?

No, they can't. Unlike their land-dwelling relatives, they can not pull their heads or flippers into their shells. Sorry all who thought they could, but you're wrong. Unfortunately.

What can you make with sea shells?

everything from small pieces of jewelry to decorating houses inside and out. The limit of use for sea shells, available from all over the world, is limited only by one's imagination

How big is the biggest sea shell?

The world's largest bivalve is Tridacna gigas or the giant clam which can reach more than 3 feet in length. The largest univalve is Syrinx Araunus or the Australian trumpet which can reach a length of approximately 40 inches.

What is she sells sea shells by the seas shore?

Sally Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore is a alliteration in which thw same letter is used alot. In this case s to start a word. Another one is Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair. So Fuzzy Wuzzy wasnt really Fuzzy Was he? F and W are used most. A tongue twister is also somethign where u ( Full Answer )

What makes sea shells grow?

The animal inside them. As the animal grows the shell must be grown to protect it.

Where are the sea shells in Build-a-Bearville?

Go to under sea (Can be found in the lighthouse) you will see six pink shells, then see the broken part of the boat (the teasure is close to it), it will glow. Click on it and it will take you inside the boat, and you will find four more! :) Hope I help! :D

Are sea shells ionic?

yes, seashells are ionic because all the components of seashells like calcium carbonate, calcite and conchiolin are ionic compounds. by kingsley Ifang (BSc Ed. chemistry) university of uyo, Nigeria.

Where do you get the sea shell from in mythology in poptropica?

1. it's not actually a sea shell it's a starfish 2. go to mainstreet 3.walk to the left 4. enter the Museum of Olympus 5. find the statue of poisiden (it's all the way past the poster on a shelf on the upper right) 6. click on the starfish on the statue's face and there you have it!

How big is the shell of a Sea Turtle?

It depends on the species of sea turtle, and their age. Gender makes no difference to the size of sea turtles. The smallest is the Kemp's ridley, which has a shell that is normally a bit less than 3 ft long at adulthood. The largest, full grown sea turtle is the Leatherback species. They are the sof ( Full Answer )

Are there sea shells at the mouth of a river? only oceans and seas not rivers there to small :) unless the wind from an ocean is blowing to a river?? i dunno all know is only oceans and seas hope i helped you your welcome :D

Do sea shells lay eggs?

No, they do not. Since they are only shells, they are not alive. Depending on what lives within them, that creature may or may not lay eggs. Remember, shells are not alive, they are like houses! You live in your house, but it is not alive. Same basic concept with sea shells!

How many sea shells did sally sell at the sea shore?

Six and a half actually but now she is sold out. if you are looking to buy one, you may buy it at a pool instead of the sea shore, but sally only accepts cash so dont bring your credit card

Is a sea shell symbolic of anything?

Sea shells can symbolize any number of things, notably: - The Moon . As the tides rise and fall, the sea displays the shells and then take them back once more. - In Christian folklore , the shells of mussels, clams, and snails are symbolic of a resurrection that has occured. - Native A ( Full Answer )

Can you hear the sea in a sea shell?

Yes, in a Conk (Conch) shell it is very clear. 2nd Answerer says: Sorry, but that is the sound of your own blood pulsing through your veins. The sound is merely attributed to the sound of the sea.

Where are the largest sea shells found?

The largest sea shells are found where the animals that make and live in them are able to grow the largest. This tends to be the warm seas of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. The Pink Queen Conch shell is one of the largest that is often found.