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With the default settings, Google will show 10 results per page. You can, however, adjust these settings.

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Q: How many search results does Google show on each results page?
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How many results are there from a Google book search of Lori Foster?

A Google book search for the term 'Lori Foster" returns about 70,300 results. The first results that are returned include the books 'Unexpected', 'Wild', and 'Bodyguard'.

How many search results are reported now for Tim Berners-Lee?

As of right now, there are 3.67 million search results returned by Google.

How many search results were there for a Google Search of Queen Victoria children?

I think about 9,000,000 but I'm not certain

How many results does Google show on each page?

as many as you want but the default is 10 Google can show only 10 result in a single page, which is called SERP (Search Engine Result Page) SSCSWORLD. Google show 10 results per page by default but we can get more than 100 result on per page by changing the settings of google

How many websites are there of William Shakespeare?

A search for "William Shakespeare" on Google showed about 10,300,000 results.

Why do they call Google search engine Google?

Google is named after a very large number, googol. Googol is 1 followed by 100 zeros. I can only imagine it's called Google because it shows many, many websites and search results.

How many pages are there in Google?

If you are meaning how many show up in the search results, probably somewhere in the 10s of Trillions

What is a meta search tool?

There are two main types of such search engines.The first type is one that combines the results from multiple search engines for a specific query; this is called a meta search engine. For example, when you search for "dogs" on a meta search engine, it will return results about "dogs" from many different search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Examples of meta search engines - Combines Ask, Google, Bing, - Combines Google, Bing, - Combines Google, Bing, YahooThe second type is one that specifies the results from search engines. Examples of 'specifiers' - Uses Bing to search answer - Uses Google to search deal - Uses Google to search TechCrunch

How do you know how many people are in the world?

just go to google and do a search with the words "world population" , I am sure there will be many results to your question

How many results about love are on Google?

About 1,340,000,000 results

What about Google?

Google can be the answer to many many questions, if you search right ;).

If a steak is 370 grams how many ounces is it?

13 ounces, u can search google "370 grams in ounces" to get the results automatically.

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