How many seasons of Stargate Atlantis are there?

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What is Stargate Atlantis?

Stargate Atlantis is about people from Earth who travelled to another galaxy through a devise called the Stargate. They explore this new galaxy (named Pegasus Galaxy) and save the people in it from the evil humanoid creatures known as the Wraith.

What is the best Stargate Atlantis episode?

The best Stargate Atlantis episode is 'Rising', which is the first episode of Stargate Atlantis. It is in two parts and was nominated for a Leo Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, and more.

What is the theme song for Stargate Atlantis?

Well, idk if this will help or not, but my sister found the stargate atlantis themesong 4 my phone, and it's called "Theme Big Horns". (Don't ask me y it's called that. i have NO idea.) as I said, idk if that helps. hope it does. :)

What happens in Stargate Atlantis season 5 episode 10?

Dr. Daniel Jackson visits Atlantis to due research on an Ancient scientist, Janus, and has reason to believe that Janus had a secret lab somewhere on Atlantis.. The lab is discovered, and no sooner has this happened, when three strange androids invade the city, and take Daniel and Mckay.. Meanwhil ( Full Answer )

What is the order of Stargate Atlantis season five?

There are a total of 20 episodes on season five. The episodes are: . Search and Rescue Part 2 . The Seed . Broken Ties . The Daedalus Variations . Ghost in the Machine . The Shrine . Whispers . The Queen . Tracker . First Contact Part 1 . The Lost Tribe Part 2 . Outsiders . Inquisition ( Full Answer )

What is the ending of Stargate Atlantis?

Warning LOTS of spoilers :) On TV it was aired in 2 parts. When the Wraith and Humans attacked the Assurans, Todd stole some ZPMs from them. In the final episode he comes to Atlantis and tells them that one of his men used a ZPM to upgrade a Hive ship. The expedition sends the Daedalus to a ( Full Answer )

When does Stargate Atlantis season 5 end?

The last show of Stargate Atlantis is Season 5, episode 20, Enemy at the gate. This is the last ever show for SGA, really sad, no more John Sheppard, Meredith Rodney Mckay, Ronon or Teyla. Hopefully there is a rumour of a new series Stargate Universe.

Where can you get the Stargate Atlantis DVD's?

Where can't you buy them? You can find Stargate Atlantis for $20 to $40 at:. Best Buy . Wal-Mart & Sams Club . Circuit City . FYI . Itunes . AOL . Target . Practically any movie store

Was Stargate Atlantis cancelled?

ANSWER 1 On August 20, 2008, it was announced by the Sci-fi channel that the series would end after 100 episodes and five seasons. After the season ends with a cliffhanger on the last episode 'Enemy At the Gate', a two hour Stargate Atlantis movie will follow. It is said that this movie was inten ( Full Answer )

Is Michael dead on Stargate Atlantis?

Michael was killed by taylah when she pushes him over the edge of a balcony for him to fall to his death. This happens in season 5 episode 14 'the prodigal'

Will Stargate Atlantis end with a movie?

Yes, it is ending with a movie called Stargate: Extinction. This will be the 5th movie in the Stargate movie series. Its predecessors are: Stargate the Original, Children of the Gods, Stargate the Ark of Truth and Stargate Continuum.

What happened to Dr Weir in Stargate Atlantis?

When Elizabeth Weir was seriously wounded by the Asuras (a form of replicators invented by the Ancients to combat the Wraith), Rodney McKay injected her with deactivated nanites which will repair her damage, although in the end she will be no longer fully human, but part replicator. She sacrificed h ( Full Answer )

Is Cam Mitchell in Stargate Atlantis?

Cam Mitchell (Ben Browder) did not appear in any Stargate Atlantis episodes. Although he was considered to be casted for the characters Major John Sheppard and Colonel Dillon Everett for the first season of Stargate Atlantis. He was in Stargate SG-1 taking the position as SG-1 team leader who brings ( Full Answer )

Why is the Atlantis stargate weird?

Because they are in another galaxy and and they recognise the symbols of the of the stargate differently in the Pegasus galaxy.

Are there going to be anybody from Stargate SG-1 or Stargate Atlantis starring in Stargate Universe?

There appears to be no-one from either series in the cast however I would imagine there will be cameo apperances by various cast members of both other series. So far we know that Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks and Gary Jones will make a guest appearences. Also lot of SG-1 and ( Full Answer )

How old is John Sheppard on Stargate Atlantis?

In his early 40's is the best information available.. Thanks to another contributor for this information: J. Sheppard was born June 14, 1970 which makes him 39 years old.

Will Stargate Atlantis be continued?

Stargate Atlantis will be continued in a direct to DVD movie entitled Stargate: Extinction, which at this point does not have a definite release date.

Who is Tayla on Stargate Atlantis?

Teyla is the leader of a race called the Athosians. Her and her people were on the planet that the Atlantis expedition crew 1st visited after they arrived to Atlantis. Her people where attacked by the Wraith and she (and a few of Shepard's team) were captured. Shepard saved her and her people, and g ( Full Answer )

Why did Stargate Atlantis end?

because Teyla and Ronon stayed in the Pegasus Galaxy while while what was left of the original expedition team from earth went back to earth flying in Atlantis itself to protect earth from the new wraith mothership. Atlantis is now on earth and they did not return. that is why the episodes are cance ( Full Answer )

How many seasons of stargate SG1?

There are 10 seasons of Stargate SG-1. In fact, it has the record of being the longest running scifi show.

What characters or creatures are in those suits and the name of the suits seen on Stargate Atlantis season 5 volume 3 cover and the army of large bugs on episode The Vengeance I think?

well the "creatures" in the suits are actually called the Asgard and they never did say the name but they are some kind of hazmat suit to protect from the harsh chemicals on there home world and the creatures in the episode vengeance are called himptom which Micheal called them you don't hear the na ( Full Answer )

Will there be anymore stargate sg1 or stargate atlantis films?

They currently do no have any plans for a SG-1 movie. Although before the recession they planned on making a Stargate Atlantis movie called Extinction. After looking up information a release date can be found (2011 in Canada) although noting official is known.

Why was stargate atlantis season 6 canceled?

Viewer ratings had declined and the channel provider had lots of new shows coming forward. Shame it was a great show, but the ending was done fairly well.

What is the difference between Stargate Universe and Stargate Atlantis?

Stargate Universe or "SGU" is very different from Stargate Atlantis. The Main differences are that SGU is very linear, it is recommended that you watch each episode in order. Where Atlantis is show where you can hope in and out of. Stargate Atlantis story line is based on a specialized group of inte ( Full Answer )

When do the next seasons of Stargate Atlantis get relished?

You can relish it after you purchase them naturally. After all, anyone who purchases DVD sets of TV shows must enjoy them enough to want to watch them over and over. However... If by chance you meant RELEASED , then you'll be happy to know, all 5 seasons of Stargate Atlantis have already been r ( Full Answer )

What are the ratings for the TV show Stargate Atlantis?

"The ratings of the TV show Stargate Atlantis was reported as being stable the first five seasons. It moved from the HBO to SciFi channel. Once it relocated to the SciFi channel, it was reported to be well received in Europe and Australia."

Where can Stargate Atlantis DVDs be found?

The Stargate Atlantis DVDs can be found at a variety of retailers. One looking to buy Stargate Atlantis DVDs could visit Amazon, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, KMart, or Deep Discount on the web.