How many seconds has it been since the Big Bang?

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The question is fun, and it would be fun to calculate. But the answer would have no meaning at all, because the question suggests a level of precision that the answer can't possibly have. We would have to be able to accurately identify the time of the event to at least the nearest second, which is impossible. Also, any estimate of the number of seconds would not be reported to that degree of accuracy, so converting back to the units you started with would be called for. Not only can we get no closer than billions of years, we are not even certain beyond doubt that it happened. The question is a little like asking 'How many cubic centimeters of water are there on Earth?' We cannot know the answer to the level of accuracy that 'cubic centimeter' suggests. I think about 473,040,000,000,000,000 seconds. Multiply 15 billion years by 365, then 24, then 60, then 60 again and you'll have it.
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We can look back about 15 billion light years which gets us near the big bang but since the bang was surely omnidirectional there is a second half of the universe we will never see right?

Answer . sorry. Try this, we (the parts (atoms ... particles) that make us up) were all a part of the bang. in a sense we're still inside it ... or its residue. Everything we can see is big bang. and the latest guess is 13.7 billion years. . ANSWER: . First of two assumptions, is that the ( Full Answer )

How many seconds has it been since the beginning of the earth?

Long Answer: Nobody knows. Humans didn't exist since the Earth began and we didn't start to think about that until thousands of years into our evolution. It is impossible to know how many seconds because the number would be so long it would stretch the entire planet of Jupiter 600,000,000,000,000, ( Full Answer )

Were black holes around since the big bang?

Probably yes. space has always been there. we have not.. I cannot prove it and neither can the smartest scientist on the world. or even mars can prove it.. But i gues sthey are

Did the big bang make a bang?

actually, no! The Big Bang is just the event that created the universe. It couldn't have made a sound, because sound didn't exist back then.. Answer. No, in space, sound cannot be heard. If you popped a bomb into space, you wouldn't hear the explosion. That is because their are too few atoms to ji ( Full Answer )

What banged in earths big bang?

The "big bang" predated the Earth by about 8 billion years. The biggest bang that the Earth had was with a sister planet about 4.7 billion years ago which resulted in the formation of the moon (and the rotation of the Earth - i.e. day and night).

How big was the universe millionths of a second after the big bang?

The "big bang" is still a theory and there are currently many problems with it. A couple examples? The 2nd law of thermodynamics and the law of causality do not allow for such an event. However, if we are to assume the big bang true then it would be hard to say. Some questions you'd first have to ( Full Answer )

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How many seconds has it been since time started?

if there are 60 seconds in a day, multiply that by 24 and you get 1440 seconds in a year. then multiply 1440 by 2009 because that is the current year and you get 2,892,960. so, so far there has been less than 2,892,060 seconds so far. But this kid doesn't know how many seconds are in a day. So no on ( Full Answer )

Have stars been in space since the big bang?

No; at first there was only a superhot gas; it took millions of years to cool down (due to the expansion) and form galaxies and stars. Stars are formed because of gravity pulling heydrogen and helium that is sread throughout the universe they then start to fuse giving of imense amounts of heat, ene ( Full Answer )

What was the first two element existed seconds after the big bang?

Actually there is only one element that was formed shortly after the big bang and that is hydrogen. All the other elements were made either by nuclear reactions taking place in the core of burning stars, or by the catastrophic explosion called supernovas that are sometimes produced when stars die.- ( Full Answer )

How many awards has the Big Bang Theory received?

4, and they have been nominated for one more. But that was just the cast and crew and show. 9, if you count everybody. Plus the 10th is pending. It was mainly Jim Parsons winning them, but Kaley Cuoco won 1. Jim is playing as Sheldon, and Kaley is playing as Penny. Jim has won four times, and Kaley ( Full Answer )

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How many aftershocks since the big earthquake?

The Christchurch earthquake was of 7.1 magnitude, and since then there have been 11 aftershocks over 5.0, and 135 over 4.0. Allegedly 1894 total, but the magnitude is not stated, but that must be 3.0 or 3.5.

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How many people believe in the big bang theory?

It depends, because some might say 'scientists'. But not all scientists believe in this theory. Also, there are those who believe in a similar idea to the Big Bang, but it is not refered to as 'The Big Band Theory.'

Has the universe been the same since the big bang?

No - That is a premise of the Steady State Theory. Rather the universe has been undergoing an evolutionary expansion in which the actual environmental state of the universe is ever changing. The interpretation of observational evidence from the detection of deep space radiations have provided us a w ( Full Answer )

What happend after a few seconds of the big bang?

Right after the big bang happened, the universe was expanding at a speed of light. While it was expanding, it started to cool itself down since the big bang caused the universe to heat up to ridiculous temperature.

Will there be a second big bang?

At this point in our understanding of our Universe, it is impossible to say. Since we have no idea why there was the Big Bang that resulted in our being here, we have even less idea on whether there will -- or even can -- be another one. If we wait another trillion years, we might have a better idea ( Full Answer )

How many years ago did the big bang explosion start?

First of all, the Big Bang was NOT an explosion; certainly not an explosion of dense matter into empty space. Secondly, all observational evidence points to the expansion having begun about 13.7 billion years ago.

Was complete atoms formed 1 second after the big bang?

There is a good graphic of the timeline for the Big Bang under Graphical Timeline of the Big Bang in This suggests the atoms started to become common about 380 000 years after the Big Bang started. But some atoms (famously carbon) require extreme temperatures and need those temp ( Full Answer )

How many times has the big bang theory been provenscience?

Depends on how you count times that a "proof" has been made. That our Universe came into existence about 13.7 billion years ago, and has been expanding at a farily steady rate ever since, is supported by every scientific test that has been devised to negate this hypothesis. Depending on how you cou ( Full Answer )

How many theories were introduced in the big bang theory?

While there are many theories introduced to explain the cosmology of the universe, the consideration of newly introduce theories related to the Big Bang Theory is a very subjective. Perhaps this has something to do with what has been taught in a classroom setting.

How far has the universe expanded since the big bang?

From data extracted within our small portion of the observable universe, the conjecture is that the universe has been expanding about 13.7 billion years. The size of the observable universe is calculated upon the comoving distance (or current proper cosmological distance) to particles from the ( Full Answer )

What happened one second after the big bang?

The quark-gluon plasma that composes the universe cools until hadrons, including baryons such as protons and neutrons, can form. At approximately 1 second after the Big Bang neutrinos decouple and begin traveling freely through space. This cosmic neutrino background, while unlikely to ever be observ ( Full Answer )

How do you know only Hydrogen and Helium could form only seconds after the Big Bang?

Actually, a small amount of lithium-7 also had time to form, but this fact doesn't change the basic answer. Because we know three things: 1) the probability (more precisely, the cross-section) of a specific number of protons and neutrons combining together to form an element with atomic number gre ( Full Answer )

How many percent of big bang theory scientists christians?

Difficult to know, since many "big bang theory scientists" come from cultures or nations that are not predominantly Christian. There is no basic reason why scientists cannot be Christian, or Muslim, or Jewish, or Taoist, or Confucianist, or Shintoist, or Animist, or...... At its core, we have ( Full Answer )

How many scientists accept the big bang theory?

Practically all astronomers and physicists accept the Big Bang model, and more specifically, the LCDM model. Outside of the fields of astronomy and physics, acceptance may be a bit less, but still constitutes a vast majority of the scientific community.

Did the big bang start with a bang?

The universe began at what is called the Planck Era when timewas smallest unit of time which is 1.35 x's 10 -43 of 1 second andlasted until time was 10 -36 second so Planck era was such a shortamount of time 1 /1000000000000000000000000000000000000 of 1 secondthat light only traveled about 1 /100000 ( Full Answer )

How many big bang songs?

because the big bang was caused by erics mom jumping, there would only be one song in which eric screams

What explosions in the universe are second in power to that of the big bang?

The energy released in a cosmic gamma-ray burst detected in December 1997 is the most energyever detected from an explosion in the Universe , perhaps making it the most powerful explosion sincethe creation of the Universe in the Big Bang . "For about one or two seconds, this burst was as lumino ( Full Answer )