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How many seeds does a grape have?

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Grapes sometimes have 1 seed sometimes have more. But most likey will have one.

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How many seeds in a grape?

just 5

How many seeds do a grape have?

Not sure but I think 4

How many seeds are present in one grape?

Depending on the variety of grape it can be anywhere from 0 to 8.

What is a grape without seeds?

A seedless grape...

Can grape vines grow from grape seeds?


How many seeds does a red grape have?

I think a red grape usually has one seed in it, unless there is a mutation where there is more than one seed in the grape.

Can you eat raw grape seeds?

Think about it ,when you eat a grape usually you ingest some seeds so I would say yes you can eat raw grape seeds. As to quanity you are on your own

What do you call the seeds inside of a grape?

a grape seed :D

IS a grape a vegatable?

No. a grape is a fruit. Fruits have seeds, vegetables do not.

Why do the seeds of the grapes have a higher chance of growing into healthier plants than that of the mango?

Grape seeds are sturdier than mango seeds, therefore grape seeds have better chances of growing into healthy plants. Mango seeds are very fragile and many won't grow at all.

Where can you get the grape seeds?

In grapes.

Is it harmful to eat grape seeds?

no it is not harmful to eat grape seeds they have vitamin C and D and tased good.

Which one of these five things is least like the other four Cherry Peach Apricot Grape Plum?

Grape. The others have large seeds at their core. Grapes have many small seeds.

Is it safe to eat grape seeds?

Yes, it totally safe to eat grape seeds. Though I recommend that you buy seedless.

Does a grape fruit have seeds?


Do green grapes carry calories?

Yes. 3 calories per grape without seeds, 4 per grape with seeds.

How to eat grape seeds?

Never eat grape seeds. They are not digested in the stomach properly since they are composed of cellulose. Additionally there is the risk of choking!

Are grape seeds good for mulch?

Yes they actually sell a grape seed mulch.

Are grape seeds poisonous?

~It is ok to eat grape seeds, but its not recommended mostly because of possible choking hazards.~They are not poisonous, but remember this.~Never give grapes or seeds for that matter to a dog it can and will kill them.

What size is a grape seed?

Grape seeds can be different sizes. Some are the same size as that of a grape fruit, but generally they are a little smaller.

Which red grape seeds are dangerous?

the red ones.

Do grapes grow from the seed inside the grape?

yes dah were are you going to get it from the sky there are little seeds inside a grape

What is green with seeds in the middle?

Perhaps a kiwi. A grape, Apple.

Are grape seeds poisonous to parrots?

They are not poisonous but they are not recommended either

Are there seeds in raisins?

Yes, there are seeds in raisins. Grapes have very little seeds in them; and since a raisin is a dried grape, raisins have the very little seeds as well.

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