How many serial killers in San Francisco Bay area?

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I count eleven.* David Carpenter (Trailside Killer), Leonard Lake & Charles Ng, Michael Bear Carson & Suzan Carson, Dean Phillip Carter, Edmund Kemper (The Coed Killer), Herbert Mullin, Earle Nelson (Gorilla Man), Carl F. Warner
*For those killers that worked with a partner I counted as a single killer.

Unidentifed:The Doodler, Oakland County Child Killer (The Babysitter), Zodiac (original).
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What is the terrain of the San Francisco Bay?

San Francisco is a bustling cosmopolitan city in California, the centerpiece of the Bay Area, well-known for its diverse ethnic and political communities, hilly and picturesque terrain, and history of earthquakes.. It is located on the tip of a peninsula by San Francisco Bay and the Pacific coast a ( Full Answer )

Where can you try out a Zon hyperbass in the san francisco bay area?

Answer . Try calling the Zon factory in Redwood City. You could play one there (since they make them). They're nice folks. The hyperbass is a custom instrument. They don't make them for stores. You have to order one. So the best bet is to stop by the factory. I have one and it's amazing. W ( Full Answer )

What animals are indigenous to the San Francisco Bay Area?

Great blue herons . Swans . Cranes . Barn owls . Salt marsh harvest mouse . Sea lions . Harbor seals . Snowy egrets . Clams . Jellyfish to name a few. See the related link for more information. (Thanks to Anne E. at the Education Department of San Francisco Zoo for finding the savesf ( Full Answer )

How many letters did the Zodiac Killer send to the police force in San Francisco?

The Zodiac sent zero letters to the SFPD. All of his letters were addressed to newspapers, a Los Angeles television station and some individuals including famed attorney Melvin Belli. There was a phone call to the Oakland PD by someone claiming to be the Zodiac on October 22, 1969. The San Francisco ( Full Answer )

How deep is the San Francisco Bay?

The SF bay is about 25 ft to 50 ft deep at average depths, and up to 100 ft deep at most. Most of the bay is fifty feet (fifteen meters) deep, although, there are some areas of the bay that are up to one hundred feet (thirty meters) deep.

Are there any Country Weather fans out there especially in the San Francisco Bay Area? , www, Country Weather is alive and well and will be making an appearance at Dallimonti's in Pleasant Hill on Saturday January 17 at Mike Smith's Birthday Bash (Country Weather's former Roadie). Drop in for a listen. I'm sure they'll be play ( Full Answer )

Why did Interstate 880 collapse during the earthquake in the San Francisco Bay area?

i think ist is because the structure of the road wasn't good anough so it collapsed. improve: The structure collapsed because the concrete was not reinforced. When the 6.9 earthquake struck the bay area, the supports were shaken to their breaking point, causing the top section and in some part ( Full Answer )

Where are the handicap accessible condos in the San Francisco bay area?

Yes there are and they have to be because of a state law that states that they have to be provided. I will tell you that many businesses comply with the law, but they don't make it easy on people with handicaps. My mother was in a wheelchair for nearly 2 years and I found parking hard to find, when ( Full Answer )

Is Tampa Bay larger than San Francisco bay?

No. SF is larger according to wikipedia. I had the same question. I live in the Tampa Bay area and recently visited San Francisco and the bay seemed larger.\nSan Francisco Bay is 1,040 to 4,160 square kilometers), depending on which sub-bays you include. Tampa Bay is 1031 square kilometers.

During the 1920's did the San Francisco bay area have a mass transportation system that allowed riders to travel over the bay bridge and down to the south bay?

Interesting question. They had a ferry boat system that would take them across from Oakland and I think a bus system would have taken riders to the south bay. The light rail and BART systems are pretty recent. Even as a kid going to San Francisco I remember my mom pointing out the ferry/bus/cable sy ( Full Answer )

What city is on the San Francisco bay?

There are many cities in the bay area. Some include: San Francisco San Jose Oakland Santa Rosa San Mateo Redwood City Pacifica Berkeley

Are there sharks in San Francisco bay?

Yes, there are a few species of sharks in San Francisco Bay like the Leopard Shark and the Brown Smoothound Shark. Details are available here -

San Andreas PS2 is there a serial killer?

Yes ther is first you have to go to the map, after doing that close up and go to the top left part their you will see a small town. He will probobly be there.

Fish in the San Francisco Bay?

There are many species of fish in San Francisco Bay, including sharks and rays. 2nd answerer says : LOVE to, let's go!

Was there an earthquake in the San Francisco Bay area in the 1980's?

The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most seismically active areas in the North America. There are earthquakes, most small enough to be barely noticeable, on a daily basis. In the 1980's, (October 17, 1989 actually, during the World Series baseball game), a magnitude 6.9 earthquake struck alon ( Full Answer )

What animals are in the San Francisco Bay?

There are many species of fish in San Francisco Bay including sharks and rays. There are many water birds like herons, egrets, ducks, waders, pelicans that live around the bay. Harbor seals are found in the bay. Look in the Related Links for more information.

How many serial killers are dead?

There are many more dead than alive. Here are just a few:Ed Gein, Harvey Glatman, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Angelo Buono, Gary Gilmore, Arthur Shawcross, Aileen Wuornos, Jack The Ripper, Albert DeSolvo, Richard Speck, Henry Lee Lucas, Otis Toole, Paul Bernardo, H.H. Holmes, Albert ( Full Answer )

How many serial killers in Pennsylvania?

No statistical source is available at the current time. I am very sorry not to inform you how many serial killers there are in PA. I think that there are serial killers throughout the USA, but there is no way to get information about this issue. Serial killers are always psychopath, paranoid people, ( Full Answer )

How many serial killers are there in San Diego?

Of approximately 51* serial killers that killed in California, three committed murders in the San Diego area. Dean Carter, Carroll Cole and Michael Hughes. Honerably mention goes to Rodney Alcala who murdered in Huntington Beach which lies half way between Los Angeles and San Diego. *The number o ( Full Answer )

How many serial killers are there in America?

We have 211 serial killers apprehended and 28 not apprehended. Take in mind that there are some unknown serial killers and has not been put in the Unidentified serial killers list yet. In the loose, we might have from 50 to 500 for the numbers the authorities give. Now, The number of serial killers ( Full Answer )

Why is Alcatraz on San Francisco bay?

It's on an rocky island, miles from shore, in very cold water, with rapid currents, that are known to contain white sharks, and it's very difficult to escape from Alcatraz and make it to shore alive. Only 3 people escaped from Alcatraz, and considering nothing was ever heard from them again, they pr ( Full Answer )

How many miles between San Francisco to Moro bay?

This is an approximate direct (straight line) distance. During actual travel, this distance may change if a different flight route is chosen. The distance between the two places in miles is: 163

Where is the Bay Club in San Francisco located?

The Bay Club lists their official address as 150 Greenwich Street, San Francisco, California 94111. Their telephone number is 1-415-433-2200. Fax number is 1-415-433-7161.