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How many shakers are there?

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There is one active Shaker community in the United States, located in New Gloucester, Maine. Known to Shakers as "Chosen Land," the village is commonly referred to as Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village. As of 2010, there are three active members.

  • Sister Frances Carr was born 1927 in Lewiston, Maine. Sister Frances has lived with the Shakers since 1939. She acts as the senior Eldress of the village.
  • Brother Arnold Hadd, became a Shaker in 1978 at the of age 21. Originally from Springfield, Massachusetts, Brother Arnold acts as the Elder of the village.
  • Sister June Carpenter, 71, originally from Brookline, Massachusetts, converted at the age of 49. Sister June worked for many years in library sciences and still services the Village is that capacity.
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The former Brother Wayne Smith, now simply Wayne Smith. left the Shakers to marry a woman who was a journalist and writing a story on the last living Shakers for the Boston Globe. The is a follow-up article about his leaving the Shakers and marrying her, also published in the Boston Globe.

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