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The world sheep population is approximately 1,202,920,000

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Q: How many sheep are in the world?
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How many breeds of sheep are there in the world?

There are 500 breeds of sheep in the world

How many sheep are there?

It is estimated that there are 1.75 billion sheep (domesticated) in the world.

What does risk of sheep worrying in the dog world mean?

There are many risks of sheep worrying in the dog world. Sheep are prey in a dogs world so they risk being eaten.

How many marcopolo sheep are left in the world?

about 700

Where do wild sheep live?

There are wild sheep all over the world. Many times wild sheep can be found mountainous area. The mountain sheep are called Bighorn Sheep.

How many Argali sheep left in the world?

It is estimated that there are 96,000 to 114,000 argali sheep in the world today. Their population is considered to be declining.

How many bighorn sheep are left in the world?

Less than 70,000 bighorn sheep are left in the wild.

How many domestic sheep are there world wide?

1 billion

Is sheep from the new world or old world?

is sheep from the new or old world

What is the largest sheep farm in the world?

The Estancia Maria Behety in Argentina is the largest sheep farm in the world. There are 60,000 sheep in its pastures.

Where is rearing and breeding of sheep is done?

The rearing and breeding of sheep is typically done on farms. These farms are located in many places around the world.

How many sheep per litter does a sheep have?

1 to 2 sheep

How many syllables does sheep have?

1.. sheep

How many sheep in Canada?

7 sheep

How many sheep in Ireland?

There are about 8,000,000 sheep in Ireland.

How many sheep in a ban of sheep?

i think 30

How many chromosomes does a sheep have?

Sheep have 54 chromosomes.

What is the population of sheep in Australia?

Australia has in excess of 110 million sheep or roughly 10% of the world sheep population.

How many sheep fit into a normal sheep truck?

About 20 sheep fit into a normal-sized sheep-truck.

How many sheep are there in Yorkshire?

There is no official data as to how many sheep are in Yorkshire. There are more than estimated billion sheep worldwide.

How many bones are there in sheep?

There are 50 bones in the skeleton of a sheep.

How many sheep can fit in a sheep truck?

Depends on the truck

How many syllables does the word sheep have?

"Sheep" has one syllable.

How many sheep colors are there?

There are approximately 11 colours of sheep.

Were do fine wool sheep live?

Fine wool sheep live on farms like all other sheep. The merino sheep breed is responsible for most of the fine wool produced in the world. There are many Fine wool stud farms around the world of which the FAIRWORLD Fine Wool Stud in South Africa is the most prominent.