How many shows can a DVR hold?

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Again it really depends on how many gigabytes your drive is on your DVR that will determine how many shows the DVR can hold. Usually a 30 gig drive can hold about 30 hours of television, so depending on how big your DVR is will depend on how many shows you can record. Other things to keep in mind are if you are recording shows in HDTV, as these shows tend to take up more space.

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Q: How many shows can a DVR hold?
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What kind of DVR can hold the most hours of TV shows?

The most popular and reliable brand of DVR recorders would be TiVo.

How many shows can you record at the same time on a DVR?

You can only record 2 shows at a time on your DVR; but you cannot watch any other shows on different chanels when you do this.

How many programs can be stored on the Comcast DVR w/ Tivo DVR?

The Comcast DVR can hold about 400 hours of SD programming.

How many hours of recorded shows can be stored on a dvr?

It depends on the DVR company. I believe that Knowlegy and Midcontinent can hold 80 hours and I think Dish can hold over 200 hours. I'm not sure about the other ones. You could go to there sights to find out.

For how many hours does the RCA DRC8052N DVR record?

The rCA DRC8052N DVR can hold about 30 hours of sdtv.

Can you transfer shows from one DVR to another?

No,it only stores the shows in teh DVR memory.

Are there any DVR's that can record two shows at once?

Most DVR's can record two shows at once with ease , but it depends on what DVR you have and if it provides this feature or not . All in all though most DVR's are capable of this feature .

How many shows can be recorded at one time with a DVR?

Most DVRs can record a maximum of two shows simultaneously, although some can record as many as four.

Can you transfer shows recorded on a DVR to DVD?

Yes, you can do this. You hook up your DVD recorder up directly to the DVR.

How do you play recorded shows if you have cable?

Off of your DVR, if you have one.

Do any DVR's allow you to share your recorded shows?

The EverFocus ECOR4 4-CH DVR w/DVD BURNER does that.

Where and how do I get a DVR system?

Most TV providers provide DVR. I have Charter and I use their DVR service. I know that UVerse, Direct TV, and Comcast also offer DVR. It is great! I never miss my favorite shows now!

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