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How many sick days does an architect get?

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Still wouldn't get paid as much as Micheal Jordan.

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How many sick days do you have in the navy?

You have as many sick days, as you are sick. Of course, as in all branches of the military, you will have what are called Sick Bay Commandos. There are no sick days unless you are sick. What the military does, is not a game. Sorry, final answer no sick days

How many sick days can you get in a year?

about 8 sick days

How many days a year does a architect work?

about 100 days a year, (365)

How many sick days does a chef get?

11 days

How many sick days does a person take a year?

Depends on you ,do you get sick often

How many sick days does a marine biologist get?

Marine biologists do not get any particular number of sick days. That would depend on who you were working for.

On average how many sick days a person take a year?

5 days

How many school days can you miss from being sick?

you can miss about 5 days

How many days sick leave are legal in Canada?

6 days per year

How many sick days does the average person take per year?

Three days

How many sick days before you need a doctor's note?

10 or more days of absence.

How many days off does a supreme court get?

I don't think they get days off unless their sick.

How many sick days does a veterinarian get?

This varies depending upon the country's laws and the contract negotiated by the veterinarian with the employer. In countries with mandatory minimum paid sick days, veterinarians get at least the minimum. However, it is possible for veterinarians to negotiate for more paid sick days per year in their employment contracts. In the United States, which has no minimum mandatory paid sick days, the average is about 3, although this ranges from 0 to 10 days per year. In many cases when veterinarians don't have paid sick days they have a set number of paid leave days that can be used as both sick leave and vacation leave.

How many day allowed sick before a certificate is required?

How many days are you allowed off sick before a medical certificate is required

How many sick days does an average person take in a year?


How many sick days the average person takes in a year?


How many sick days do Canadians take on average in a year?


How many sick and personal days do teachers get?

as much as a regular job

How many different architect legends are there?

There are 9,483,934 architect legends.

How many sick days can you use before you need a doctors note?


Can you smoke weed with mold on it?

you can, but you might get sick for many days or you'll get an infection

How many sick leave days do para teachers get in west Bengal?


Do teachers get paid for sick days?

Teachers ideally should get paid for sick days. Teachers are usually paid on a contract which includes sick days but this may vary with private schools.

Do tattoo artist get sick days?

yeah they can have sick days but it means they get get less pay :-) hope it hlps

Do chefs receive sick days?

yes , chefs receive sick days and holiday pay also