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They usually have 6 sides unless they are damaged.

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All snowflakes have six sides not one of them has more or less

Sides = 2 (front and back) Corners = 6 (mostly)

Every snowflake has six sides.

A snowflake normally has six sides which are also known as branches. All snowflakes take the shape of a hexagon.

Yes - as you "zoom in" on the sides of the snowflake, the same pattern occurs infinitely.

A snowflake is usually a hexagon, octogon or a decagon

However many sides it has (normally six). sometimes special ones about 4-8

Different snowflakes have different shapes and sizes, so one snowflake could have 3 sides, while another one has 8.

A snowflake has six spokes.

there are 12 fingers on a snowflake.

The snowflake symbol in ANY car usually is the air condition.

Most, but not all, snowflakes are six sided

No because it has as many angles as it has many sides

Assuming all the sides are identical and symmetrical, 16. One through each side and one between each two sides.

There are 8 days of Hanukkah; and snowflakes have six sides or angles.

Six. Snowflakes are crystals with a hexagonal structure, so while every snowflake can have a unique pattern or design, all snowflakes have six main sides.

They usually have four, six, or eight sides

snowflakes have 6 sides, so you fold the piece of paper 3 times.

A hexagon is a polygon with six sides. A snowflake is generally hexagonal.

More sides"poly-" = many"-gon" = sides

The word snowflake has two syllables. The syllables in the word are snow-flake.

A rectangle or square of four sides - usually surrounded by buildings

They don't... They have as many sides as angles

it means the object has at least 3 sides, but there are usually more.

They have 2 sides and usually about 6 joints.

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