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How many sit ups equal a pound?

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Depending on your weight, an average 200 pound man has to do about 752 sit ups to lose a pound.

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How many sit ups burn 1 calorie?

one minute of sit-ups burns about 4.8 calories/minute 17500 sit-ups burns 3500 calories(1 pound)

How many sit ups do you do to burn fat?

You can burn approximately 57 calories by doing 100 sit ups in 10 minutes. You must burn 3,500 calories to lose a pound. This translates to approximately 6,140 sit-ups per pound lost.

How many sit-ups do you have to do to lose 1 pound?

You cannot do sit ups and expect to lose weight. You can do as many as you want and you will not lose a pound. Sit ups are for toning, and who cares how hard your abs are if it's covered by fat? Do regular exercise-cardio and strength training- and eat healthy.

How many calories do you burn when you do 50 sit ups?

The number of calories that a person burns while performing 50 sit ups depends on their intensity and weight. The average 150 pound person burns about 30 when doing 50 sit ups.

How do you lose one pound a week?

by excersing like sit ups push ups 25% or belly ups

How many sit ups a day to lose three pounds?

you should do 3000... 1000 is one pound..

How many sit ups to burn 200 calories?

The amount of calories burned depends on your weight and how fast you do them. If you do 100 in 10 minutes, you burn 57 Calories. This means 20 minutes of 200 sit-ups without stopping will equal 114 calories burned for a 150 pound person.

How many dollars equal to one pound?

It changes with monetary ups and downs. Right now $1.52 American equals 1 English Pound.

How many sit ups a day?

20-40 is good and some will do more than that. But it depends how many sit ups your body can do.

How many sit ups does it take to burn 400 calories?

How many sit ups it will take to burn 400 calories depends upon your body weight, how fast you do the sit ups and how long they take you. It is said that for every 5 sit ups you burn 1 calorie, so this means it would take about 2,000 sit ups to burn 400 calories.

How many calories does 250 sit ups burn?

Sit ups do not burn a lot of calories and how many you would burn depends on your actual weight. 250 sit ups would only burn about 25 calories.

How many sit ups will it take to lose 10 pounds?

You will need to do about 20 thousand sit ups in order to lose 10 pounds. This is if you do at least 1 thousand sit ups at a time.

How many calories do sit-ups kill?

Not much. Maybe 10 calories after 100 sit-ups if you are lucky

Is 66 pound ideal for a 11 year old?

yes just keep doing your sit ups

How many calories do you loose doing 230 sit ups?

you will lose on average 150 calories doing 230 sit ups.

What activities can you do to lose a pound?

You can try sit-ups,walking,jogging each day. You can try curl-ups and also you can start eating healthier foods!

How many sit ups to lose 1 pounds?

To lose one pound of fat, you have to burn about 3500 calories. Situps burn about 430 calories an hour is your weight is 130 pounds, and about 560 calories and hour if you weigh around 155 pounds. Going by these figures, it will take approximately eight hours of doing sit-ups to lost one pound of fat. As you can see by this example, the mount of time it would take doing sit-ups to lose one pound of fat will vary from person to person depending on their weight.

How many sit-ups should a 12 year old girl be able to do?

How many sit ups should a 12 year old be able to do

How many sit ups burn 300 calories?

A person will have to do around 1200 sit-ups in order to burn 300 calories. Sit-ups are a useful exercise for those who want to build up their abs.

How many calories does fifty sit ups burns?

Sit-ups have to be done briskly in order to burn a significant amount of calories. Fifty sit-ups on average would only burn about 30 calories.

How many sit ups to get a six pack?

do 20 push ups every day

What does sit ups measure?

sit ups measure your stomach strength.

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