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How many situps should you do to lose 1 pound of belly fat a day?

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5-6 hundred. also you must eat less, and healthier. and drink water only

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Would you lose belly fat from situps?

No you have to eat right keep good portion size and that burns the most " belly fat" bit cardio helps greatly to

In order to get a fatter butt can you eat a ton of junk food and sit around and then when you gain weight do situps or will the situps decrease your butt fat too?

No, you cannot target a specific spot to lose, or not lose weight. When you lose weight, you lose it over the whole body. But why don't you try some cardio exercises to lose your unwanted fat and you can have a healthy heart too! Situps are used to build ab muscles rather than burning belly fat.

Does belly dancing help lose stomach fat?

It really does and it works. If you do belly dance every day about and hour you can lose about 4 pound a week.

How many sit ups should you do to lose fat?

To lose fat you must work on the whole body unfortunately you cant spot reduce when it comes to fat but for the answer to the question you would need to do 1000 situps a day to lose one pound of fat not counting what you took in that day.

How much weight can you lose if you do 200 situps a day?

Maybe about .5 or 1 pound a week. Believe me there are easier, more effective ways.

Should you do sit ups to lose a beer belly?

Situps are fine. Any exercise is fine. The obvious answer is, you need to expend more calories than you are taking in, and you need to add some vigorous exercise to your daily routine. There is no other answer.

How do you lose fat on my belly but not on my butt?

situps can help with Belly Fat also fast walk and Garcinia Cambogia

How can you lose belly flab?

All you need to do is eat a healthy diet of fruit and vegetables, with a little meat. Also you should do 20 situps each day it will make your tummy feel much tighter and harder over a week, never give up!!

How long does it take to lose belly fat after pregnancy?

I had a ceasarean and it only took me a month and a half. I did 100 situps everyday, and I drink plenty of water. It dropped off before I even notice.

How do you lose one pound a week?

by excersing like sit ups push ups 25% or belly ups

What can you do with 35 pound weights to lose weight?

just use them slowly, go up and down with them.. You should lose about a pound a week or two.

Why do you lose weight when you sleep?

Your weight is consumed into height. So it's how you lose it. You lose 0.001 of a pound.

How many calories should you burn to lose weight?

It takes 3500 calories to lose a pound

How many situps does it take a day to get a six pack?

It takes more than situps to develop a "six-pack". You also need to lose any fat on your belly. Other exercises like ab crunches and others are also needed. But, to answer your question, morning and evening every other day, perform as many situps as you can. If you aren't tryyyying to squeeze in juuuuust one more situp at the end of your exercise time, your aren't doing enough. If you do your situps every day, you risk injury that can set the process back by months. The number of situps depends on how strong your abs are, to begin with.

How many sit ups do you have to do until you lose a kg?

Your best bet is to do the situp properly without cheating or trying to get away with sloppy situps. The heavier you are the more calories you should burn with situps but it is very difficult to tell beyond that an exact number.

How many calories should you cut a week to lose a pound?

There are 3500 calories in one pound. Cutting 500 calories a day would make you lose one pound each week.

How many miles do you need to run to lose a pound?

if you want to lose a pound by running sometimes it helps if you run 10-20 miles (alot, huh?) but if you really want to lose a pound you should work out or like lifting weights.

What should you eat to lose weight for kids?

How do you lose muffin top?

Lots of situps. Go to a gym. They have equipment that exercises your abs.

What can you do to lose ab weight?

situps healthy diets walk run AB MASTER

If your an adult how many pounds to lose to lose a pound?

You might want to rephrase your question, but to lose one pound, you must lose one pound. Every 3500 calories is one pound.

If you cannot lose belly fat should you have a tummy tuck?

You can have a tummy tuck if you are unable to lose belly fat. However most doctors would advise a healthy diet and exercise before surgery.

How do you lose stomach fat without losing your butt or breasts?

Hello. You need to exercise more frequantly and try doing regular situps and gradually increase the amount of situps you do.

How do you lose belly weight without exercising?

By eating low-cal or no-cal foods. For example, have a stick of celery when craving something. It will also help you lose a pound a day of you eat only carrots and celery for lunch, with no carbs. It is a horrible diet, and is never recommended, but it does work. IMPROVED ANSWER: Sorry, but a fat belly will remain a fat belly if you remain sedentary. Trying some wacked diet like the one mentioned above may help you lose some quick fat, but you will gain it all back (plus some) unless you change your lifestyle. America has become the Land of Obesity specifically because people are too lazy to exercise. Go for a run, do some situps!

Do situps help you lose abdominal fat?

Because situps are exercise, they help you lose fat. However, like all other types of exercise, the fat reduction does not occur in just one place. It occurs all over the body. Situps, however, are very helpful in promoting good abdominal muscles, which are necessary for the appearance of a flat stomach.