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Q: How many sly games are going to be made?
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How many sly cooper games are there?

there is 4 games of the sly cooper franchise.3 of them are ps2,and sly cooper 4 is going to be for the ps3,coming out in 2012,this awnswer was made in november 2011.but after sly cooper 4 there MAYBE will be more.

Is there going to be a sly 4 the game?

likely at best, game informer was showing games and their likelyhood of return, and they said likiely at best for another sly. personally i love sly games, my cat is named sly

When was sly cooper made?

Sly Cooper was made in 2002.

Are they makeing sly cooper 4?

Yes they are. It will be made by Sanzaru Games and comes out this June. The game will be called "Sly 4: Thieves In Time."

How many games will the Sly Cooper Series Have?

There are 1,2 and three sly cooper games plus there is one that has all three in one. A new sly cooper game is coming out also probably early 2013

Is Sly going to re marry Carmelita in sly 4?

no he won't

Is sly 3 on psp?

No, there are no Sly Cooper games available on PSP.

Is clockwork going to be in sly 4?

It's unknown if he will reappear in Sly 4.

Is Sly going to re-marry Carmelita in sly 4?

Sly and Carmelita never married in the first place!

What is going to be the name of sly 5?

.yes there is a sly 5 because I'm the man who ask this question and I have sly 5 and sly 7.thats narley

How does sly loose his memory in Sly 3?

In Sly 3, he doesn't really lose his memory, he fakes it and gets married to Carmelita, that's why he winked at the end of the game. Luckily, their making a new Sly but unfortunately, its not going to be about sly, my guess is that its going to be Sly's and Carmelita's children.

Is sly Cooper coming out?

Yes three Sly Cooper games are out in the US.

Does wii have the sly cooper games?

No, Sly Cooper is only for PlayStation.

Is there going to be a fourth Sly game?

No kidding. Just type in sly 4 in google

Is there going to be a sly 4 and 5?

just sly 4 it will come out in 2012 i think

Is there going to be a Sly 5 game?

There is no details as to whether there will be a Sly 5 game yet.

Is the going to be A sly 4?


Is there going to be a fifth sly?


Are there any games like wolf where you are a fox?

william and sly or william and sly 2

Will there be any more sly cooper games?

Yes sly 4 will be coming out soon

Is there sly games for xbox 360?


Are any of the sly games for xbox360?


Are there sly games on Game Boy Advance?

Sly games are PlayStation Exlusives, thus meaning they will never appear on an Nintendo console.

How old is sly cooper?

here is a list of how old he is in all the games. Sly cooper and the thevies racoones: 12 Sly cooper 2 Band of theivs: 14 Sly cooper 3 Honer among theivs: 16 Sly cooper 4 Thieves in Time: since there is a time machine he is going back to 12 or under!!! or mabye 16 and older!!!(only to about 18 tho)

Why is insomniac not doing the sly games anymore?

they are actuley and relesing a fourth sly next year