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There are 14 teams in the National Pro Fastpitch Softball League.

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Professional softball players, of course, get paid. However, they do not earn nearly as much money as Major League Baseball players. The Olympic Team that will compete in Beijing this year does get paid, more than the professional softball players, but again, not as much as the average Major League Baseball player. For example, Jennie Finch drives a van, NOT a Ferrari.

Yes there is a professional softball league. It's called the NPF, National Pro Fastpitch.

There is professional softball. They play in the United States as well as other countries such as Japan. any player can play for any team, even if they are not from the area. In this aspect, it is just like major league baseball.

Major league baseball is hardball.

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There is a Professional Softball League in the United States, named the National Pro Fastpitch league, with some 6-8 teams/cities playing in 2008, in Midwest and eastern major cities, featuring top former college stars. See

There is the NBA and there is a league with players not quite at the NBA level. The NBA is the major league with the professional basketball players. There are also college leagues, and elementary schools even have leagues.

No. But there is a similar softball league.

A baseball player's salary will not change from the Majors to the Minors if he has a Major League contract. There are minor league contracts for those players.

Major League Soccer Players Union was created in 2003.

Major League Baseball Players Association was created in 1966.

major league baseball is the hightest baseball league with the best players

Go to Google. Enter "current major league Jewish baseball players" and you will get your answer.

Yes. It is the only major professional sport that requires the manager (coach) to dress the same as the players.

The average professional Major League baseball player salary is $3,440,000 as of 2012.

The average professional Major League baseball player salary is $3,440,000 as of 2012.

NCAA = National Collegiate Athletic Association, which is a college association made up of college teams and players who do not get paid, but usually play for a free scholarship MLB = Major League Baseball, which is a professional association made up of professional teams and paid players

It's the same size for everything

There truly are not any "professional" women's fastpitch players in the USA as of 2013. A few USA players may be considered "professional" - the ability to support oneself playing a singular sport - but only by playing the USA "off-season " in a Japanese or European league.Aside from the few lucky ladies playing overseas or announcing for ESPN, women fast pitch players usually receive three month contracts in the $4,000 - $8,000 range depending upon position and name recognition. And no - I didn't miss any "0's"!If you consider "respect" and "visibility" part of a player's pay, then Team USA is still the best "paying" League. Although, the softball world needs to question how long that may continue with softball out of the Olympics for at least two generations of premier players.Aside from playing for Team USA, it is debatable if there is another "professional" league in USA women's softball. National Pro Fastpitch, Women's Major League Softball International and Dynasty All-Stars have all advertised as "professional" leagues, but all have experienced financial, popularity and continuity issues.The highest paid players are those that play because they love the game and compete to the best of their ability every time they are on the field.Most of this statement is correct. However the US does have a professional fastpitch league. It is the National Pro Fastpitch. The players have a salary range from $5,000 to $15,000 per season. The league is growing rapidly and will be a great place for top college talent to continue playing in a competitive environment.

No, major league players come from all ranks, high school, community college and full colleges. In the past, some major league players were still in high school, or dropped out of school and played. Not recommended.

There are at least 3 Major League Baseball players who have came from Guatemala.