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How many soldiers died in the battle of britain?

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2006-12-16 20:31:20

The reference to 'soldiers' in the question suggests that this

was a land battle. However, the Battle of Britain (July-October,

1940) was fought entirely in the skies over southern England. The

German Luftwaffe (air force) tried to secure air superiority for

the planned invasion. The main target was the RAF air bases in

England. By mid September 1940 the attempt to destroy the RAF had

failed and a new battle - the 'Blitz' - had begun. (It's standard

practice to draw a distinction between the two). In the Battle of

Britain the actual number of airmen involved was very small. The

RAF lost 498 men dead. From 7 September 1940 onwards the Luftwaffe

deliberately targeted the civilian population and the number of

dead (mainly civilians) rose very sharply. Joncey

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