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how many soldiers fought in World War 1
hundreds of thousands

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Q: How many soldiers from all over the world fought in world war 1?
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How many Americans fought in World War 1?

Over 4 million soldiers contributed, but only ~250,000 fought

How many black soldiers fought in World War I?

Over 350,000 Served during World War 1

How many soldiers fought in the crimean war?

over 100500

How many british soldiers fouhgt in World War 1?

About six to seven million soldiers of England fought in World War I. Over 800,000 of those men died in that war.

How many Union soldiers who fought in Gettysburg were killed?

over 23,000

How many soldiers fought in the french revolution?

Over ten thousand

What name was given to American soldiers who fought in the World War I?

During World War I, as in so many other wars, soldiers from both sides were given nicknames of all sorts. The American soldiers who went 'over there' to fight were no exception, receiving nicknames such as 'doughboys' and 'Yanks,' among many others.

Can women be soldiers?

Yes, there are many female (women) soldiers all over the world.

How manY us soldiers fought in Korean war?

Over 4 million US Airmen, Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers served in Korea during the war.

How many Us troops fought in World War 1?

over 30,000,000 people fought in ww1

Why do you call Alexander the great not the soldiers who fought for him?

Alexander is called the "Great" because he was the head of his armies and the one who's planning and strategies enabled them to be victorious over so many territories. The soldiers who fought for him just followed orders.

How many troops fought in the war of Passchendaele?

Passchendaele was a 'campaign' or series of battles fought between July and November 1917. Britain and every one of it's colonies were involved, with over 600.000 soldiers. The Germand had over 800.000 soldiers and the battles were extremely bitter and hard with almost a third of all soldiers becoming casualties.

When was Buedingen Germany taken over by Americans during World War 2?

From what I can find it was April 5th, 1945 but that is from diaries of soldiers that fought there.

How many soldiers fought in the punic wars?

The three wars were fought over 120 years, with large variations in numbers and allies and mercenaries on both side. We have no record of the total.

How many Scottish soldiers died in World War 2?

Over 50,000 Scottish soldiers had died during World War 2.

How many Asian soldiers died in World War I and World War 2?

Over one million Asian soldiers died in World War 1.

How many Soilders fought in World War 1?

Over 100 soilders

How many australians soldiers were sent over in World war 2?

Around 8 thousand soldiers were sent over to world war 2 to play computer games By:Neemon

How many survieved World War 1?

just over 10,000 soldiers

How many US soldiers served in Vietnam?

Over 2 1/2 million US servicemen fought in Vietnam. How many were KIA, MIA or WIA?

How many underage soldiers were there in World War 1?

it is estimated to be over 10,000 underaged soldiers being sent to war.

How many soldiers did Germany have in World War 2 at any one time?

over 10,000 soldiers were used for the battle.

How many roman soldiers were in the battle of Trebia?

Over 100,000 Roman's fought in the Battle of the River Trebia and roughly 50,000 of them were killed by the Carthaginians.

How many battles were fought over the oceans during World War 2?


How often did soldiers go over the top in World War 1?

fought for there country but didnt know if they was going to die if the other alliace had attacked first